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Unbound Pep Melon/Violet
Made as the first toy. Small size that fits in the palm of your hand. Different parts of the body can be stimulated differently depending on the part to be hit.


Unbound Pep Melon/Violet

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●Size: 76mm (height) x 55mm (length) x 33mm (width)
●Noise:low★★☆☆high(max. 50dB)
●Battery Type:USB
●Charging Time: 2 hours
●Vibrate Modes:3 patterns 
●Vibrate Intensities:5 levels.
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer:Unbound (USA)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥7,700 (tax included)
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Pep is the latest toy from Unbound, a femtech brand for women.
Unbound started out as an e-commerce boutique that carried sexual goods from around the world, much like a love piece club that began in a small apartment in New York City.
CEO Paulie Rodriguez launched Unbound because of her own personal experience.
When she tried to buy toys for herself, who was unable to conceive as a result of cancer treatment, she found that the only sexual goods available were grotesque and dubious from a male perspective.
So, in 2014, I started Unbound as a sexual goods store that had never existed before for women and non-binary people.
Although it started out as a select store, it has since started making its own brand of products.
Their unique and bright ideas, such as the ring-shaped rotor "Palma" and the UFO-shaped toy "SAUCY," are popular at LOVE PIECE CLUB.

Pep is a compact toy recommended for toy beginners and portable use. The cute size of the small, flat oval shape that fits in the palm of your hand and the silicone with its light and smooth texture are comfortable and gentle when you pick it up or hold it against your skin.
You can easily enjoy it close at hand as if it were an extension of your own hand, without feeling the coldness and stiffness characteristic of machines.
The two-tone orange and violet color, like the flesh of a melon, which is typical of Unbound, is as fun as looking at a toy box! Even if you have been feeling a hurdle in your toy debut, you will be able to relax and have fun tackling it.

[Compact size for easy operation even with small hands]
With a height of 76mm x length 55mm x width 33mm, it fits in the palm of most people's hands.
It also weighs only about 80g! There is no burden even for prolonged use.

[Stimulation varies depending on where you apply it!]
The melon-colored side has play in the silicone and is soft enough to be slightly concave when pressed between fingertips. Since there is no hard machine embedded directly under the silicone, the feeling when you apply it is not hard.
If you dare to seek hard stimulation, try applying the violet side. This one has a harder texture, and the vibration is not absorbed by the silicone, but resonates directly.
In addition, the distinctive form, which looks like a stone in a Japanese garden, changes the stimulation you get depending on which part of the body you apply it to. If you use the tip or the side, you can enjoy point stimulation, and if you use the flat wide surface, you can enjoy covering stimulation.

[Small but powerful vibration]
The vibration is of a low-pitched type that rumbles and rumbles in your stomach.
The secret lies in the internal structure of Pep. A small but powerful motor rotates metal weights to produce the characteristic rumbling vibration. The motor is encased in a small capsule and covered with silicone. In addition, the Pep is waterproof and can be used in the bathroom due to its magnetic charging system that prevents water from entering through the charging port.
It has 5 levels of vibration intensity and 3 vibration patterns, which provide a wide range of types of stimulation depending on the vibration.
The weakest vibration is very moderate. If you don't like strong vibrations or if this is your first toy, start here. As you get used to it, you can make the vibrations stronger and change the patterns to find your own timing and preference. the fifth level is strong enough to make the Pep move around on your desk.

[Simple operation method]
It is very easy to operate. All three buttons have a universal design with a protruding mark so that you can tell which button is which just by touching it with your hand.
This makes it easy to use in the dark and for the visually impaired.
Power on and off: long press of [un] button
Switching strength and pattern: + and - buttons
Pressing the + button increases the intensity of the vibration at the start, progresses to the fifth level, and then switches to the next three vibration patterns.
The - button returns to the previous vibration. Pressing the - button at the start switches to the last vibration pattern that would have appeared if you had advanced with the + button.

[Quiet design]
The maximum noise level at maximum output is 50 dB, but overall, it is quite quiet.
The level is such that people in the next room cannot hear it even through thin walls, but if you have people in the same room, you may want to muffle the sound by playing music, turning on an exhaust fan, or using it under a futon.

Pep is designed for first-time toy buyers.
It supports the excitement of trying something new!

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