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The "Moon Pad" from the water absorbent panties "Moon Pants",You can wear Moon Pants or your own underwear! A new sanitary life without odor or dampness begins!


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Surface fabric: 82% nylon, 18% polyurethane
Absorbent layer: 100% polyester
Waterproof layer: 100% polyester (laminated with polyurethane)
Wing: 100% polyester
●Size of water-absorbing portion
Size S: Width 12.1 cm, Length 19 cm
Size M: width 12.2 cm, length 23 cm
Size L: width 12.2 cm, length 28 cm
●Water absorption
Size S: Max. 5 ml (equivalent to one napkin)
Size M: max. 10ml (equivalent to 2 napkins)
Size L: max. 15ml (for 3 napkins)
●Made in Taiwan
(All fabrics are made in Taiwan / MIT)

Do not put in a dryer.
Do not wash at high temperature.
Please put it in the net to wash.
Please do not pull strongly.

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To make women live easier and freer.
MOON PANTS is the fourth sanitary goods brand created to give form to such ideals.
Developed and branded together by women in Taiwan, Moon Pants, our most ideal underwear in our opinion, is a washable and reusable absorbent panties. They are thin, absorb water well, and quickly. More than 100,000 Moon Pants have already been used in Taiwan and Japan.

From MOON PANTS, a new "Moon Pad" is now available!
This is an attachable type of pad developed for those who want to try the water-absorbing function on their panties before purchasing Moon Pants, or for those who want to use it together with Moon Pants on days of heavy menstrual bleeding.
Like the crotch portion of Moon Pants, it has the same basic function as Moon Pants with a three-layer structure using a special fabric, but the fabric used is different. It is slightly thicker than Moon Pants and absorbs less water than Moon Pants. Therefore, this pad is designed to be used on days when the bleeding is light or as a supplement to Moon Pants.

1. 3-layer anti-bacterial and deodorant structure
Moon Pad uses three special layers of fabric to prevent leakage.
The surface cloth that directly touches the skin is a gentle, dry sheet that has been treated with antibacterial treatment. In the middle is a water-absorbing quick-drying sheet that absorbs menstrual blood quickly. At the bottom is a breathable waterproof sheet. It catches menstrual blood without leaking.
Even after absorbing menstrual blood, the area in direct contact with the skin remains dry! Less discomfort and dampness. It is also highly breathable, so it can be used on a daily basis.
From when your period is due to start to when your period is about to end and the amount of menstrual blood is low, the pad will not stain your underwear.

2. Smart wings for easy on/off
New functional material is used for the wing portion. The special Velcro tape patented in Taiwan is finer and less stiff than normal Velcro tape, and does not slip off without the use of buttons.
In addition, the thick, hard, and stiff Velcro tapes are easily uncomfortable and do not allow for fine adjustment of the position of the Velcro tape. However, these special wings are soft and comfortable to the touch, and while they stick snugly, they can also be easily removed and fine-tuned to the position in which they are worn. If washed as usual, this functionality will not deteriorate after repeated use.

3. Absorption volume equivalent to two napkins
The size M absorbs up to 10 ml of water, which is the equivalent of two napkins.
Many people do not know exactly how much blood they bleed. Most people can only vaguely describe it as "a fairly small amount or a large amount.
It is said that on the heaviest day, there is about 32ml of menstrual blood. Moon Pad M absorbs 10ml of water. It can be used continuously for up to 4 hours.

4. Environmentally Friendly, Can Be Used Repeatedly
The amount of plastic in one sanitary napkin is equivalent to four plastic shopping bags.
In terms of napkins used over a lifetime, this translates to 36,000 plastic bags consumed.
MoonPad is an environmentally friendly sanitary product that can be washed and used without generating waste during menstruation as has been the case in the past.

5. Can be used with Moon Pants or your own underwear.
Soft moon pad. With wings, it can be used with either Moon Pants or your own underwear.
Unlike cloth sanitary napkins, which absorb menstrual blood, there is no discoloration of the crotch area caused by menstrual blood or odor that can't be removed after prolonged use. It can also be used for urine leaks that occur when sneezing, coughing, or standing up.
When used with MoonPants on heavy days, please remove the pad halfway through use. When removing the pad on the go, it is convenient to use a waterproof storage bag for the used pad.

Until about 100 years ago, when high fertility was the norm, women had about 50 menstrual periods in their lifetime.
Nowadays, women from elementary school to their 50s have an average of about 450 periods over a long period of time.
This is why there is now even more demand for quality and reliable sanitary products.
Just as tampons liberated women's lives. Just as disposable sanitary napkins have greatly expanded women's choices.
Moonpad was developed and arrived at by women themselves living in the 21st century.

<Moon Pad water absorbing capacity>
Size S: max. 5ml (for 1 napkin)
Size M : max. 10ml (for 2 napkins)
Size L : max. 15ml (for 3 napkins)

<Moon Pad Care Instructions>
Always wash after each use. Wash it under running water until the water stops running, or soak it in warm water for 15 minutes, then put it in a laundry net and wash it in the washing machine.
You can wash it with other laundry without any problem.
If there is a lot of water absorption or if you are concerned about odor or stains, dissolve a teaspoon of sodium sextrate or baking soda in 500 mL of water and soak it in water for 15 minutes before washing in a washing machine.
Do not use hot water for washing, as blood clumps at high temperatures. For long-lasting use, place in a net when washing and do not put in a dryer.
Do not use a dryer. Please refrain from applying strong force to the pad, such as scrubbing. It may cause deterioration.
Also, please do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach or bleaching agents, as they will cause the color to fade.

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