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YES CLEANSE intimate washes Spice free
84.9% of the ingredients of the "vagina soap" made by YES, a serious lotion brand in the UK, are organic. It balances the pH of the delicate zone and removes odor-causing bacteria.


YES CLEANSE intimate washes Spice free

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●INGREDIENTS:AquaLauryl,Betaine,DecylGlucoside,Calendula Officinalis Extract*,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder*,Citric Acid,Potassium Sorbate Sodium Benzoate
*Organically grown ingredients
●Made in United Kingdom

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YES is a brand created by two women in 2003.
The two have worked for many years for the international pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer. When Pfizer invented Viagra, when men suffering from impotence were able to penetrate with the drug, they realized what they needed on the women's side, and in fact, when they started researching lotions, they were surprised to find that there were so few lotions that women felt comfortable using.They went independent in 2003 and spent 10 years developing a lotion that is safe for women's bodies with a strong focus on natural ingredients.

The "YES Intimate Foam Wash - Fragrance Free" is a vaginal soap.
What is a special vagina soap? Shouldn't it be washed with the same body soap as the body? However, there is a reason why it is called "exclusive".
The vagina is an extension of the skin, but the pH of the skin and the vagina are different.
While the skin on the body and face is weakly acidic with a pH of 4.5-6.0, the vagina is more acidic with a pH of 3.7-4.5.
Therefore, if you use ordinary body soap, it is too alkaline and may wash away even the "good bacteria" that protect your vagina.
The Ultra Gentle Foam Wash is made with the right pH for your delicate skin.
By doing so, you will be able to remove only the dirt without causing any extra irritation to your delicate zone.

And we're very particular about the ingredients.
Organic calendula extract and organic aloe juice are used in the soap.
Calendula is a pretty orange flower that is famous in Japan as "KINSENKA".
It is called "the guardian of the skin" because of its ability to repair and protect damaged mucous membranes and skin.
Aloe, which is a familiar ingredient in lotions, has the same skin-repairing effect and can also be expected to moisturize the skin.
The Ultra Gentle Foam Wash is a soap that cleanses away unwanted dirt, cleanses mucous membranes and takes care of damage.
You can use it before sex, during your period, or in the shower after sex.

What's even better is that just by using this product, it helps to balance the pH of your delicate zone! You can also use this product to counteract your worrisome odor.

【How to use it】
Press the pump and a foamy soap will come out. It has a soft texture, like something between liquid and foam.
Take it by hand or on a sponge and wash it gently. Rinse well after rinsing.

YES is all about being ethical!
We are committed to being an ethical comapany in all areas.
All of our business policies and businesses are based on the fundamental human rights of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Everyone includes: customers, employees, vendors, community members and funders (including auditors). We do not make political contributions and are not associated with any company involved in the arms trade.
We will strive to ensure that human rights standards are firmly respected in both the supply process and the Yes company.
We listen to our customers to create better products that help them be happy and healthy.
We will proactively communicate and sell our products without fear or anxiety.
In order to value the hearts and minds of our employees, we value new endeavors, respect diversity,
 We are flexible and supportive of each person's growth.
We will be more proactive in communicating and educating people about the effects of chemicals on the body and how they are absorbed through the skin.

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