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Womanizer OG Aubergine
Suction Toys exclusively for Inserts are now available! The Womanizer's Pleasure Air Technology suctions the G-spot. This toy is for training purposes to develop G-spot orgasm slowly and over time.


Womanizer OG Aubergine

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●Material:Body-safe silicone
●Size: 177×105×38 mm
●Battery Type:USB rechargeable
●Charging Time:100 minutes
●Operating time:2 hours
●Suction strength:12 levels 
●Vibrate Intensities:3 levels
●Waterproof:Fully waterproof (IPX7)
●Warranty Period:5 year
●Manufacturer: Womanizer (Germany)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥29,990 (tax included)
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One of the most popular toys today is the Womanizer. It is the world's first suction toy.
has developed a toy that does not directly touch the clitoris, does not
touch it, just gently sucks it up and brings it to orgasm.
The manufacturer's claim is "100% orgasm guaranteed". Many women have been captivated by the Womanizer so far.
Womanizer has newly developed is a suction toy exclusively for the
G-spot! Womanizer has been producing suction toys as a clitoral
vibrator, but now they have finally made inroads into the G-spot.

The product name is "OG".
It is an acronym for Orgasm+G-spot.
now, Womanizer has had the "DUO" product, which allows users to enjoy
both suction and insertion at the same time, but the suction is on the
clitoris and the insert toy is combined with it. However, this one is
completely different. Because it suctions the G-spot!

Today, we know that the G-spot is a much larger area than the localized one we might imagine by the name "spot".
is said that the G-spot may be the area around the clitoris that is
touched from the vaginal side, which is buried like a leg extending from
side to side inside. Therefore, the OG is also sucking the clitoris
from the inside, so to speak.
The G-spot is a place to give more time
than the clitoris. Therefore, it is a little different from the
orgasmic feeling that you might imagine with conventional womanizers.
fact, it is said that only 25% of women can have an orgasm from the
G-spot alone, so many women have been unable to feel the presence of the
G-spot as a certainty.
The OG does not mean that you can suddenly have a strong orgasm at the G-spot by using it.
It is a training toy for development. If you have such an inquisitive mind, this is the toy you should try.

When I quickly picked it up, I found it to be a silicone with a smooth, slightly hard texture and firmness.
The curved design of the OG makes it easier for the suction part to hit the G-spot when inserted.

OG is stimulated by a combination of suction and vibration of the main
body, with 12 levels of suction intensity and 3 levels of vibration of
the main body to choose from.
The vibrations of the main body are
also powerful, so when the suction part is inserted so that it touches
the G-spot, the vibrations of the main body stimulate the vaginal
opening area, which is very pleasant!

The position of the G-spot
varies from person to person, but it is surprisingly shallow and is said
to be around where the belly of the middle finger touches when the
middle finger is inserted up to the second joint. Therefore, please do
not start with a deep penetration, but rather start with a shallow
penetration. Try pressing the suction port against your stomach,
changing the angle, shifting it back and forth... try to find the right

If this OG can suction the G-spot, doesn't that mean it can also suction the clitoris? If you think so, you are right!
In order to enjoy the G-spot, warming up is essential.
you start stimulating the G-spot, first place the suction part on the
clitoris in the same way as with the conventional Womanizer.
the conventional suction port was designed to completely envelop the
clitoris, the OG's suction port is designed to be a little shallower.
This allows the body to relax slowly and deliberately, with a sensation
of slowly building up pleasure more slowly than with a conventional
When the body becomes hot from clitoral suction, it is time for insertion!
will feel a sensation you have never experienced before, as if your
G-spot is being gently stimulated...! You can also try making the
vibrations of the vibrator on the main unit stronger, so you can taste
both G-spot and vulva stimulation.

The "Touch sensor" feature
allows the suction part to vibrate only when it is in contact with the
skin. When the skin leaves the unit, suction also stops automatically.
is very convenient when you want to enjoy suction at your own pace,
when you want to enjoy the afterglow of an orgasm, or when you want to
use it without being noticed by people living in the same room. There is
no need to worry about button operation or wasting recharges.
can turn the suction on and off simply by "touching" or "releasing" the
device from your skin, allowing you to enjoy the sensation.

also has an "Afterglow Future Function" that lets you soak in the
afterglow of your orgasm! This function switches to the lowest suction
level at once by briefly pressing the - button after reaching orgasm.
using the Womanizer, many people increase the suction level in stages
and enjoy stronger suction just before orgasm. After reaching orgasm,
you want to pause the strong suction.
However, it is also a bit
tasteless to turn off the power and suddenly lose suction. In such
cases, this function allows you to enjoy a gentle afterglow after

The IPX7 waterproof design makes it safe to use during
bath time or when refreshing in the shower. It is also easy to clean
when washing before and after use.

If you've tried it and didn't
feel much...don't worry. This OG is in no way intended to achieve
orgasm. It is designed for you to enjoy the journey of its development.
Moreover, there are people who have had their first G-spot orgasm through repeated use of the OG!
do not be in a hurry and develop it slowly. The more you use it, the
more you will gradually feel the presence of the G-spot.
If you have
never had a G-spot orgasm before, or if you want to know more about your
own body, we recommend this G-spot specific womanizer. You may be able
to meet a new you!

[How to use]
1.Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the power.
When the LED light turns on, the power is on. Since the device is
equipped with a touch sensor function, it will not move just by turning
on the power.
3. Apply a lot of lotion and put the suction part to the clitoris first.
4. When the body is relaxed, go to the G-spot suction!
5. You can change the suction strength with the + and - buttons.
To change the vibration intensity, press the button under "-".
6. Press the - button for 1 second to return to the lowest setting. You can enjoy a relaxing afterglow after orgasm.
7. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn off the power.

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