DER VIBRATOR – AN ORGASM DREAM FOR CLIT AND G-SPOT Small size, Rabbit type with W motor.Powerful vibrations that bring you to orgasm.It's the perfect toy for us!!!



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●100% waterproof
●USB rechargeable
●control element with one touch buttons and turbobooster
●6 vibration programs
●6 vibration intensities
●very powerful yet quieter motor
●vibration shaft out of 100% silicone
●stimulates the G-spong
●illuminated control element (except in the black/black combination)
●Size: 17 cm
●Ø 4.18 cm

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FUN FACTORY is a long-established brand established in 1996 that boasts by far the largest share of the market in Germany, the advanced country of Toy. While many manufacturers have factories in Asia in order to reduce the price of their products, they have factories in Germany and are exceptionally particular about MADE IN GERMANY.
Toy features a pop of color and design. The company has won the Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Award, and has been recognized worldwide for the artistry of its products.
At our headquarters in Germany, more than half of our employees are women. It's based on their real needs, so yeah! That's what I wanted! The result is a toy that is so close to the women's opinions that it makes you want to say, "Yes, this is what I wanted!”
From FUN FANCTORY where such a colorful toy is impressive, "BLACK LINE" which is chic and has a sense of luxury appeared! It is a lineup of the black color of a stylish impression and new FUN FACTORY.

This "MISS BI" comes from such a FUNFACTORY.
This product was created in the image of strong and vibrant women in the 1950s, such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. It has an endearing design. As the brand name suggests, this toy is filled with "fun" feelings that make you excited just to have it.
The first thing to note is its size. I love FUNFACTORY, but some toys, such as the Piston series, are too big for me. Although it's a good product, it's not recommended for beginners or those who are not used to inserting vibrators because of its size.
However, this "MISS BI" is small, with a total length of 170mm and an insertion part of 110mm. It's a cute size that fits nicely in your hand.
The distinctive curved tip stimulates the G-spot, while the bulging form squeezes inward and sends a pleasant vibration throughout.
The wide and large clitoris vibe has a narrow space between the main body and the vibe that does not miss the clitoris of any person's any position!
It has a high performance motor in both the insertion part and the clitoris part and the vibration is various from gentle like stroking to strong.

The most important movement is the insertion part and the clitoris part, each of which has a high performance motor, and the vibration varies from gentle like stroking to strong.
When I try to make it the strongest, the main body shakes loudly and shakes, and if this is the case, I can absolutely come! It is the vibration to the extent that I am convinced that this is going to make me cum!

What's more, other FUNFACTORY products don't have this feature!
This means that you can move the vibe for your neck and the vibe for your clitoris separately.
This is a really great feature for vibe users.
Because the mood is different for each day. Today I want to concentrate on my neck and enjoy the slow wetting of my body. You may want to focus on your cock today and make it come quickly. This is a great way to get the most out of your cock.
You can move them separately, so it's nice to be able to customize their movements as you like.
The material is premium silicone. The tip of the insertion part and the tip of the vibe are soft enough to be easily bent by hand and fit perfectly into the body.
The color is a chic black, which is the third color.

”MISS BI" is inspired by the strong and beautiful women of the 1950s.
It has a characterful cuteness that can be cheered up just by keeping it by your side.
As your first vibrator or as a partner for life? Or as a partner for life?
It is the toy of LOVE PIECE CLUB recommendation.

<Cleaning method>.
*Since it is waterproof, it can be washed whole. Always clean and store after each use.
*Do not use alcohol or silicone based cleaners. Also, please refrain from using silicone based lotions.
*Do not use this product while charging. Disconnect the charger and then turn it on.
*Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Using the ideas

●It takes up to 16 hours for the first charge only.
●It is locked the first time you use it. You can release the lock by pressing and holding the FUN button (big〇) at the same time.
● Press the red button with the FUN letter on it to turn on/off.
●You can release the lock by pressing and holding the FUN button in the center (big 〇) at the same time, or lock the top button (small 〇) and the FUN button by pressing and holding the top button (small 〇) at the same time.

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FAQ about products

Q How do I charge it? A ●The click-charge charger has a lithium polymer battery built into the vibrator and is 100% waterproof due to the close contact between the operating part and the silicone exterior. Touch the plug (round part) made of the magnet on the side of the charger to the charging part of the vibe (the part with the logo "FUN" at the bottom). When the battery is charged, the charger side (the round FUN part) lights up in red. This magnetic connection connects the vibe to the plug and starts charging.
*Note: Please make sure that these two FUN logos stick together in parallel for a full charge to take place. The plug is only charged when it is correctly positioned at the point where it can be charged (when the red light comes on).
●The red light of the FUN logo on the plug indicates that it is connected to the vibe. When charging is complete, the light on the unit will turn off.
●The new lithium-polymer technology eliminates the so-called memory effect in charging. The maximum charging time is about 6 hours in the beginning. Operating time is approximately 1 hour of continuous use on a 100% full charge.
*Note: Before using this product for the first time, please fully charge it. The first charge will take up to 16 hours, while a continuous charge may take less than 16 hours depending on the battery level. It usually takes about 8 hours to recharge. If you turn on the plug while using the vibe, the vibe will automatically turn off. When the vibe is released from the plug, you can use the control panel to move it again.
*Note: Before using this product for the first time, please fully charge it. The charge should continue for up to 6 hours. Continuous charging can take up to 6 hours depending on the battery level. If you turn on the plug while using the vibe, the vibe will automatically turn off. When the vibe is released from the plug, you can use the control panel to move it again.
Q If the charger breaks, do I need to change it separately? A We also sell only the charger. There are also many types of Click Charge series. From small to large, piston-like vibrators, men's vibrators, etc... You can enjoy a variety of vibes with a single charger.
Q Do I need a condom?  A It's not necessary. We use high quality medical grade silicone. It's very smooth to the touch. Please do not use a condom if possible.
Q Is there any way to make the battery last longer? A Basically, there is no limit to the amount of time the machine can run continuously. The only recommendation for use is to let it rest once for about 15 minutes of continuous use. Also, please note that it may become hot if you leave it running for a long time.

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