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FunFactory DeluxVibes Amorino
This is what I was looking for in a good feeling! A Columbus egg-like vibrator. It's a great vibe that plays two roles, even though it's great enough on its own. I'm waking up to new sensations!


FunFactory DeluxVibes Amorino

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●New feeling with stimulation band
●Ergonomically shaped control unit in classy champagne tones
●PRESS FUN TO PLAY, touch buttons with intuitive control
●'ImmediateSTOP”: fast switch off
●Key lock for discrete carrying
●6 vibration intensities
●6 vibration rhythms
●New, powerful, long-lasting motor
●Vibration shaft made of 100 % medical grade silicone with GENTLE TOUCH surface
●100 % waterproof and easy to clean
●Size: 1,6 cm and Ø 2,7 cm
●Made in Germany

販売価格:¥15,070 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01030012〜01031874

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The "FUN FACTORY" is the German toy brand of the most popular long-established German toy in the world that started in 1996.

While many manufacturers have factories in Asia to keep prices down, we have a factory in Germany, where our craftsmen carefully make each and every one of our products.
In addition, more than half of the employees at the company's headquarters in Germany are women.
It's a very serious brand that makes toys that are very close to women's opinions.

What on earth is this vibrator?
Because, in addition to the clitoral stimulation and the insertion vibes which seem to be ordinary vibes at a glance....it is because the rubber with the thickness not seen is wrapped around the vibes.
This is really the vibe that was born from the idea of Columbus' egg.
There is an indentation in the body of the vibrator, and the rubber is put into it by hooking it.
With the strong stimulation of the main body of the vibrator...the rubber is surprisingly fine and shakes with a delicacy that is impossible for a human being.
When it applies to the vagina in the state of the O type, the whole vagina is stimulated erotically so as to lick, to touch, to tickle...!
It stimulates erotically so that there is no more as to lick, touch, and tickle.
You twist the band to make an X shape and hit it...
It's a feeling that I've never had before, as if I'm being blamed for the center of the part between...!
When I put this X part on my clitoris, it's such a stimulation that I can't put into words.
You can enjoy a different stimulation from the bottom or the top.
Remove the yellow band and you can use it as a small, super powerful excellent rabbit vibe.
One can be used in many ways.

In addition, the pattern mode of the vibe of sticking to is with 6 patterns!
The inside of the vagina, the vagina entrance is vibed intensely by an intense rhythm.
The undulating vibe mode gradually becomes stronger and stronger, and you will feel an orgasm before you know it when you use the strong and weak vibration.

It is fully charged and fully waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bath.
USB rechargeable. If you don't have a PC, please purchase a USB adapter.

【Easy to use】
●Lock function on: Press the minus button and the red "FUN" button at the same time for a few seconds.
●Lock function off: Press the plus button and the red "FUN" button at the same time for a few seconds.
●Press the red "FUN" button to start the vibration and press the plus button to increase it.
●When the strength is at its maximum, pressing the plus button again will change the vibration pattern.
●Pressing the minus button weakens the vibration.

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