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SKYN premium iR 10pcs
This softness brings two people closer together. The new material "Isoprene rubber" provides a fine texture like real skin and a natural feel that makes you forget you're wearing it.

SKYN premium iR 10pcs

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●Material: Polyisoprene
●Contents: 10 pieces
●Brand: Fuji Latex Corporation (Japan)
●Made in Thailand
●Medical device certification (approval) number: 22500BZX00486000

販売価格:¥1,980 (tax included)
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SKYN" iR condoms are sold in more than 40 countries and have the No.1 share* of the global market.
Although latex and polyurethane have been the mainstream materials used for condoms, SKYN condoms are made from a new material called iR (isoprene rubber).

Isoprene rubber is characterized by being extremely soft, chewy, and comfortable on the skin as if it were moistly absorbed into your skin. It is much softer than polyurethane or latex products.
For this reason, the softness of the material is used in many fields, such as gloves used in medical treatment and the nipple part of baby bottles.
It is also very stretchy and very easy to put on!
It can also be used for those who are a little larger in size.

Polyurethane condoms have also become popular in Japan due to the popularity of thin rubber, but they are less elastic and therefore more difficult to put on.
If you have ever wasted many condoms because you could not get them to fit properly, or if you value comfort over thinness, SKYN is for you.

It is natural rubber allergy free, but to be extra careful, SKYN is manufactured in a different facility than the one where natural rubber is used.

This softness will bring two people closer together. This is the third type of condom that is neither latex nor polyurethane.

*Based on total market data from countries where the SKYN brand is commercially available.

*Please read the package insert carefully before using this product.
*Proper use of condoms is effective as a contraceptive and reduces the risk of contracting many other sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, but is not guaranteed to be 100% effective.
*Store in a cool, dark place in this packaging. Do not store in a cool, dark *place and do not store with repellent materials such as insect repellent.
*Condoms should be used only once.

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