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The 4th sanitary product born in Taiwan, "Moon Pants". The set includes two popular heavy and night wears for day and night, and the Moon Pants Wash (sodium sesquicarbonate) for easy washing!


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[Moon Pants Heavy and Night]
Body: 80% nylon, 20% polyurethane
Crotch: 82% nylon, 18% polyurethane
Absorbent layer: 100% polyester
Waterproof layer: 100% nylon (polyurethane laminated)
Size S: ~82cm
Size M: ~92cm
Size L: ~102cm
●Made in China
(All fabrics are made in Taiwan / MIT)

Please do not put it in the dryer.
Please do not wash at high temperature.
Please put it in a net and wash it.
Please do not pull strongly.

[Moon Pants Wash (sodium sesquicarbonate) ]
●material: sodium sesquicarbonate
・wash off thoroughly if it gets in your mouth or eyes.
・If you swallow it, consult your doctor.
・After use, store in a place with little moisture.

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Comes in a set of two popular Moon Pants Heavy & Night and a handy sodium sesquicarbonate for washing, with a 10-wash supply.

For women to be able to live more easily and more freely.
MOON PANTS is a sanitary item created to give shape to such the hope.
Developed and branded together by women in Taiwan, it was completed in the summer of 2019 as the most ideal underwear we can think of.

Until about 100 years ago, women who took multiple births for granted had about 50 periods in their lifetime.
Now we have an average of about 450 period over a long period time from elementary school through 50s.

That's why there is growing demands for quality sanitary products that are safe and reliable.
Just like a tampon liberated a woman's life.
Just like disposable sanitary napkins have greatly expanded women's choices.
The MOON PANTS were developed by women living in the 21st century, and they are the result of their own efforts.

MOON PANTS HEAVY&NIGHT uses three special anti-bacterial cloths to absorb moisture from 3 to 4 tampons (from3 to 4 napkins).
It doesn't leak, doesn't smell, nor you don't have to take out the garbage during your period like you used to, and you don't have to go to the bathroom to change your napkin or tampon.
Even when blood is absorbed, the area that is in direct contact with the skin is much silkier, so you can wear it just like your regular panties.
We recommend that you start wearing it when your period may be about to start. So that you don't have to worry about sudden periods!

MOON PANTS HEAVY&NIGHT is literally during heavy and night time with a high-waisted absorbent sheet for peace of mind while you sleep, and like daytime, they have a smooth fit.
It's a thin cloth that doesn't make you feel pressured, but it protects your waist well so you don't have to worry about getting the sheets dirty. It has a deep inseam, so we recommend it not only for evenings, but also for heavy days, long meetings, and other days when you have to be still.
It's not a disposable sanitary product, so you don't have to take out the trash, and it's safe for the environment and economical.

Typically, on heavy days (like the second day), 30ml of blood is produced.
MOON PANTS HEAVY&NIGHT absorbs 15-20ml of moisture, so we recommend using a tampon, with a menstrual cup, or a change of MOON PANTS on heavy days.
This product can also be used for people who have trouble with urine leakage.

Be sure to wash it every time after use.
Here's how to wash using the Moon Pants Wash (soda carbonate cesqui).

1. rinse the moon pants under running water.
2.Dissolve a teaspoon (6g) of Moon Pants Wash in 500ml of water and let it sit for 15 minutes.
3.Rinse lightly and place in a laundry net and machine wash.

Do not use hot water when washing, as blood will clench at high temperatures. To ensure long-lasting use, please place in a net when washing and do not put it in the dryer.

The antibacterial and odor control continues even after washing.

This product is recommended for all women regardless of any ages, for example children who have just started their period, some women wear sanitary pads all the time because they don't know when their period will come and those who are worried about not only menstrual bleeding but also urine leakage.

Let's enjoy our own life more freely with MOON PANTS.
Sanitary products that support women's social advancement.
Let's free ourselves from the curse words to bind women, "Be like a woman", "You're a woman", "You're a woman"... Let's make our ideal society and our way of lives in our own words.
It is well worth it, for we are worth it.

<How to care for MOON PANTS>.
Always wash after every use.
It is recommended to soak it in alkaline water dissolved in a teaspoon of baking soda or sodium sesquicarbonate for about 15 minutes and then machine wash it.
(Blood is absorbed in the crotch area, so if you don't have baking soda, rinse with running water or soaking water to squeeze it out).

Do NOT use hot water when washing, as blood will clench at high temperatures.
To ensure long-lasting use, please put into a net when washing.
Do NOT put it in the dryer.
Do NOT apply too much force to the panties, like as strong rubbing.It can cause deterioration.
In addition, please be careful not to use any bleach or detergent containing brightening agents, as these will cause the color to fade.

※This item is a set item that includes 2 pieces of Moon Pants Heavy & Night in your chosen size.

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