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SPIRAL[inspiral W] 6pcs
Thin is not the only condom. The unique three-dimensional design, developed based on ergonomics, changes its shape when worn, so you can enjoy the amazing new sensation of feeling good together.

SPIRAL[inspiral W] 6pcs

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●Material: Natural rubber latex
●Shape:double spiral type
●Contents: 6 pieces
●Color: Natural
●Manufactured and distributed by:Sacks Corporation (Japan)
●Seller: TIS Co.
●Made in Thailand
●Controlled medical device Medical device certification (approval) number: 224AFBZX00033000
●With lubricant

販売価格:¥1,320 (tax included)
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Item Number: 03090744

Points obtained: 60 LPC Points

Dr. Redding, a doctor in India, has spent 13 years developing a completely new condom called "Inspiral".
Its characteristics are its unique shape and thickness.
The three-dimensional, asymmetrical design on the tip of the condom changes so that the tip expands when it is properly attached.
The larger the tip, the greater the sensation of insertion, so even though the partners are the same, just wearing this condom will change the way the person being inserted feels.
This is a condom that can be worn and enjoyed by two people.

It is also very smooth to wear due to its moderate thickness.
Of course, we take safety into consideration as well as functionality.
We maintain a high level of production activities by obtaining ISO9001 certification, which is an international quality standard, and ISO/IEC17025 certification, which is a quality management system.
Our products have passed the world's highest standard of inspection checks and are sent out to countries around the world.

The Thai plant that manufactures Inspiral condoms was established in 1993 as an international OEM condom manufacturing plant to deliver high quality condoms to the world.
It is one of the world's leading factories, boasting an annual production capacity of 1.6 billion, while introducing new production technologies and production systems to improve the efficiency of high-mix low-volume production.
The company has sold its products in more than 70 countries on six continents, and its appeal has been recognized worldwide.

From "I have to use" to "I want to use" condoms.
The uniqueness of the Inspiral condom may make you feel that way.

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