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For those who want more than just SORAYA, the SORAYA has been upgraded! The toy clitoris and G-spot are both dual stimuli that lead to orgasm. 12 types of vibration



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●Materials :Body-safe silicone/ABS
●Size : Total length 220mm
Insertable part: Height 35 mm x width 29 mm
Insertable part: Length 110 mm
●Weight: 175g
●Continuous operating time: up to 4 hours
●USB rechargeable
●Charging time: 2 hours for a full charge
●Vibe pattern: 12 types
●1-year manufacturer's warranty
●Country of production: China

販売価格:¥37,400 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01010038

Points obtained: 1700 LPC Points

This dual vibrator has been waiting for fans who want to reach orgasm while stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.
The SORAYA, a high quality dual vibrator that has been an unfailingly popular item in our shop, has been upgraded and now it's here!
Even though it's a high quality vibrator, the LOVE PIECE CLUB alone has sold over 2,000 units since its release in 2011.
The first generation SORAYA has received so many glowing reviews from enthusiastic fans who have fallen in love with the charm of the toy.
Our fans can't help but talk about the vibrations they've never experienced before, vibrations that exceed our imagination! This is the most popular Rabbit vibe in our shop.

The ring-shaped handle is easy to hold and luxurious in design.
In Sweden, it is also a favorite toy of women.
The waterproofing is perfect for the shower and the quiet vibes that you can't hear even when you're next to it.
The silky feel of the high quality silicone is even finer than the first generation SORAYA, and that alone sets it apart from other toys.

The tip of the toy is a little thicker than before, which makes it possible to catch the G-spot more accurately.
The angle between the vibes has been changed from 37° to 27°, which is the only problem with the first SORAYA.

In addition, the most important reason for SORAYA's popularity, the unique and wonderful vibes have become more, more, more pleasant and abundant.

The first generation SORAYA was a total of 6 kinds of vibration patterns, and 12 kinds of vibration patterns have been greatly improved!
The clitoris and the insert vibe, each of which operates separately, are programmed with a pattern, but until now, the toys that claimed such a "separate motion system" were like vaginas and clitorises that vibe each other separately without any relation to each other. The tingling sensation will bring you back to your core...!

You can enjoy the most exquisite vibrations, from undulating vibrations to more detailed vibrations than ever before.
The sensation that hit my clitoris was powerful...but it felt like I was being licked by a delicate tongue.
The inside is stirred erotically by a finger to the vagina's depths...It is like being licked inside the vagina by a tongue...I have never met such a vibration. 
If you've never felt it inside before, please try it.

【LELOFor customers who have purchased】
You can download the product manual from the LELO official website.
The instruction manual is enclosed with the unit, but if you have lost it, please see here.
LELO also comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
If your product breaks down within one year of purchase, we will replace it free of charge.
In this case, please keep the "invoice" that will be sent with the product because it will be necessary. If you can't charge it on your computer, you can also use an adapter (sold separately for 540 yen) to convert it to an electrical outlet.

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