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LELO Luna Smart Bead Deep Rose
This is an authentic pelvic floor muscle training vibrator that vibrates as it tightens. The Swedish brand LELO's technology is very powerful. It makes working out fun!


LELO Luna Smart Bead Deep Rose

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●Material:Body-friendly ABS resin/silicon
●Size:34 x 31 x 85mm
●Battery Type:AAA battery (1 pc.)
●Standby time: Up to 30 days
●Noise:50dB or less
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥19,800 (tax included)
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LELO, a popular Swedish toy brand, has come up with a pelvic floor muscle training vibrator for those who want to train their pelvic floor muscles "hard"! It's a different approach to pelvic floor muscle training. Luna Smart Bead automatically measures the state of your vagina by simply inserting and tightening the device, and automatically sets the training content according to the looseness of your vagina. I think it's hard to get a concrete image of what this means.

First, press the on/off button on the side of the unit. Then, place it inside so that the string goes out. If you are not confident that you can put it in right away, practice or put some lotion on it to make it easier to put in so that you can put it in within 30 seconds after turning it on. When you put it inside, it will vibrate three times.
The vibrations are quite long, so you may think, "What is that?"
This is the signal to start training, and during this time, the smart bead measures the state of your vagina. After that, you can leave it in for a while. The Smart Bead itself will start the training by itself, for example, it will become a stronger vibrator if it feels vaginal pressure. (There are 5 training stages, and it figures out which level to start from.)

Of course, we must also help. When the vibrator starts, tighten your pelvic floor muscles accordingly. Tighten them tightly and then relax when the vibrator stops. Repeat. As vaginal pressure increases, the Smart Bead will adjust the training level, such as changing the intensity of the vibrator. The Smart Bead will automatically finish the training. When it stops vibrating, take it out. As you continue for a certain period of time, a week or a month, the training menu will automatically adjust and the vibration will change to match the results of your training, which will motivate you. This is awesome! I would recommend this to anyone who has had any pelvic floor muscle training product that didn't last until now ・・・・. The silicone surface is firm and smooth. We recommend using lotion before insertion.

*Do not use the black and silver AAA batteries in the package, as they do not match the size of the main unit battery case. When using them, use "Panasonic alkaline batteries" or "Mitsubishi Electric alkaline batteries N series" or AAA batteries of equivalent or smaller size. If the battery case becomes stuck, place the battery case on a soft object such as a cushion, point the battery case downwards, and shake it down vigorously to release the battery.
The instruction manual is enclosed with the LELO, but if you have lost it, you can download it from here. (File format: PDF)(This is in Japanese.)

LELO also comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
If an item fails within one year of purchase, we will replace it free of charge. Please keep the "delivery note" that will be sent with the product, as it will be required for the replacement.

LELO Luna Smart Bead
(1) Press the "○" button on the main unit to turn on the power.
(2) Remove the strap and insert it slowly.
(3) After inserting the strap, wait for a few seconds until it starts vibrating.
(4) When you feel the vibration, tighten the strap tightly.
(5) When the vibration stops, relax the strap.
(6) Tighten or loosen the cushion as you feel the vibration. (for about 5 minutes)
(7)When you feel 3 quick vibrations, the training is over. Precautions.
*Do not use during menstruation, pregnancy, or sleeping.
*Rinse the device before and after use and keep it clean.
*When removing the device, relax your body and pull it out slowly.
*Do not pull the string strongly.

*Due to a price revision, the selling price of this product has been reduced effective August 1, 2022.

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