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exsens Organic gourmet oil WHITE PEACH
This is the best massage oil I've ever tasted! A rare "white peach" flavour! Not only does it taste great to lick, but when you put it on your body, it makes your skin burn!

exsens Organic gourmet oil WHITE PEACH

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●Ingredients: Glycerin (organic), Water, Fragrance (organic), Lebaudiocide A
●No parabens, no preservatives, certified organic
●Volume: 50ml
●Country of production: France

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I want to reduce the distance between us!
Want to make sex more free, fun, open and full!
We have created a massage oil that will make your wish come true.

EXSENS is a brand that manufactures massage oils and lotions to the strictest standards in the world, meeting European medical, cosmetic and food standards.
The exsens massage oil is one of the most popular and best-selling products in the Love Peace Club, but we have a new line up of massage oil series!
This time, the massage oil is based on organic ingredients!
It's not only safe. It tastes good even when you lick it, and the moment you put it in your mouth, it spreads like a real fruit, which surprises our staff who have tasted many sweet oils and lotions!

First, put a few drops on your skin first.
It's a little heavier than normal oil. That said, it doesn't feel like it's sticky.
Massage in circular motions with your fingertips so that the product can be absorbed slowly into the skin.
...So far, it's just regular massage oil... Now it's time to move on! 
Now that your skin is moisturized, try to take a breath.
This is where a lot of people make a sound of amazement.
The massage oil is soaked into the skin, and the breath it is sprayed on brings heat, making the skin sizzle and burn.
This is the kind of massage that lovers do together. It's not sexy just to massage hard, that's why you want to breathe, lick and feel free to your heart's content.
That's why we want to enjoy blowing on you, licking you... and feeling all the goodness and freedom that comes with it!
It's as if my nerves are concentrated in the middle of my body and the pleasure is concentrated in the hot spot. If you let him lick it...
Enjoy letting the nipples, the spine, of course the clitoris, and of course the penis...let the hot part cool down.
Of course, you can also enjoy the feeling and enjoyment of the licking. The best part is, it's so delicious!

Almost all of the staff at exsens, including the president, are women.
It's made with a woman's body, independent sex, and free pleasure in mind.
There is a lot of attention to detail even in a single bottle. The air pump is designed to prevent dripping and to use up the entire product. This is a massage oil I really recommend.

For couples who have never done massage oil before, "Let's use this! Please enjoy it by all means, as if you were suggesting

The white peach is a fruity, juicy and delicious flavour, just like a freshly stripped fruit! The sweet scent also helps to make you feel cute just by using it.
This oil not only tastes great, but also has a fluffy aroma.

*It can be used on the whole body, but please avoid the eye area.
*Keep out of the reach of children.
*Please store at room temperature. The quality of the product will change if it is stored in a place with extreme temperature changes.

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