It's also great for oral sex because it increases sensitivity and comes with delicious flavors. Fresh Ginger & Lychee is a fruit cocktail with a crisp, sweet flavor.


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●Ingridients:Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Aroma (flavor), Ethyl menthane carboxamide, Sodium saccharin, Carbomer, Aqua (water), Sodium hydroxide.
●parabens free, Petroleum-based components free
●Made in France

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It tastes good when you lick it, and it's warm when you blow on it! The French brand "exsens" has become instantly popular for its new massage oil with an unprecedented sensation.
They have captured the hearts of many women with their high quality lotion production techniques and cute packages that make you want to show them off.

From such exsens, we introduce PLAY GEL!
It's a magical gel that will increase your sensitivity and help you enjoy more sex.

First, try to spread it out in the palm of your hand. A small amount is effective, so you only need about one pearl.
You feel a gentle warmth.
When you blow on the gel with breath...it gets even hotter
If you applied this to a sensitive area... it would give me chills just thinking about it.

Then, lick the hand that has the gel on it with your tongue.
You'll be amazed at how "totally different" your skin feels from what you're feeling.
The tongue feels a "swoosh" coldness that is the exact opposite of the heat felt earlier.
It's warm when you put it on your skin, cold when you lick it with your tongue... How does this magical, very erotic gel feel when you put it on your clitoris or vagina?
As you imagine, slowly and carefully apply it to your clitoris and vagina.

It is true that the vagina is a mucous membrane, so you can feel a "swooshing" coldness just like the tongue. But when you blow on it...?
You might squirm at the cold, warm sensations you've never felt before.
In addition, as you know when you lick it off, this gel comes with a very delicious flavor.
If you try to have oral sex as it is... you can enjoy more and more exciting play than usual.
The stimulus is transmitted to your partner through the mucous membrane. The licking side can share in the stimulation they are feeling right now.

PLAYGEL to make your sex time the most erotic
Fresh Ginger & Lychee is an adult flavour that makes you feel like you're drinking a ginger ale and lychee liqueur cocktail.
It has a refreshing sweetness of lychee and a zing of ginger.

The cute, palm-sized bottle is a miniature size that fits in a pocket or pouch.
It works in very small doses and can be enjoyed over and over again.

※It can be used on the whole body, but please avoid eyes and eye area.
※Keep out of the reach of children.
※Please store at room temperature. The quality of the product will change if it is stored in a place with extreme temperature changes.

Using the ideas

I've had a few cold and warm gels before, but never a cold and warm one. Just picking it up is an exciting sensation that will expand your imagination to a large extent. We communicate with each other and ask ourselves, "How does it feel to paint here? Try it on your nipples, lips, and other parts of your body to feel like an experiment. (Staff Moko).

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FAQ about products

Q Does it have an expiration date? A It's a delicious licking lotion, but it's not a food product, so it has a long expiration date. Use up within 12 months of opening the package.

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