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"ENIGMA" which can be inserted at the same time as suction is now available. The soft and flexible insertion part stimulates the G-spot precisely with powerful suction and undulating vibrations.



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●Material:Silicon, ABS resin
Insertable length:
length:30mm x width:30mm
●Noise:low ☆☆☆☆ high
●Battery Type:USB
●Charging Time:2 hours for full charge
●Operating time:Up to 2 hours
●Vibrate Modes:8 modes
●Suction and Vibration intensity:8 patterns
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer: LELO (Sweden)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥31,900 (tax included)
Sold Out:Next arrival is 2024/06/20

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These are suction toys that create a "sucking" sensation by vibrating air, rather than conventional toys that stimulate the clitoris physically by placing them directly on the clitoris.
The delicate technology of air vibration is also a genre in which the sensation when used differs greatly from brand to brand. Among these, LELO's SONA series has an established reputation for its strong suction power. The SONA series has gained overwhelming support from those who have felt that conventional suction toys were not enough. Based on the SONA, the ENIGMA is a combination of the SONA and insertion toy.

SONA's powerful suction and abundant rhythm patterns are retained, plus it stimulates from the inside at the same time. The clitoris is pinched and stimulated from the inside and outside.
In fact, recent anatomy has revealed that what we usually call the clitoris is actually only a small part of the clitoris, and that the entire clitoris is actually a large bulbous organ that is longer than usually thought and extends under the skin, around the vulva, and deep into the front wall of the vaginal canal.
It has also been found that the area commonly referred to as the "G-spot" may be the area around the tip of the clitoris (the labial peduncle), which extends like a root under the skin and is touched from inside the vagina. This means that deep blended pleasure can be obtained if the clitoris is stimulated simultaneously from the outside and from the inside!
ENIGMA has been devised to pursue this blended pleasure.

[Feature 1] 8 different suction rhythms and powerful suction.
While most suction vibrators offer only a choice of suction strength, ENIGMA offers a choice of suction patterns with different rhythms.
In addition to the standard pattern of continuous suction at a constant output, ENIGMA offers a wide variety of patterns, including a slow and rapid pattern, a pattern that changes rhythmically in intensity as it undulates, and a pattern that changes smoothly as it rises and falls in waves.
Recommended for those who are not satisfied with monotonous stimulation and seek a soothing suction.
Of course, not only the suction pattern but also the suction strength can be switched.
There are a total of eight levels, from gentle suction as if enveloped by a soft breeze to powerful suction all at once.
At maximum output, it is considerably stronger than other suction toys and a little more stimulating for sensitive users.
Please start with a weak mode and gradually find your preferred strength from the surrounding area without directly hitting the clitoris.

[Feature 2] Equipped with a W motor. High-quality vibration with undulating waves in response.
One of LELO's most distinctive features is the lilting vibration that undulates and crawls lazily inside.
This is a high quality motor that is completely different from toys that merely vibrate monotonously and mechanically.
ENIGMA also demonstrates this technology. The motors are mounted on the tips of the suction and insert sections, respectively.
Three of the eight total vibration patterns are programmed to work separately for the suction part and the insert vibrator, respectively.
Many of these toys vibrate separately from the vagina and clitoris, but LELO vibrates as if it were a living creature, slowly undulating from the clitoris to the back of the vagina, licking the inside of the vagina in a very erotic way. It vibrates like a living creature, like a wave slowly undulating from the clitoris to the depths of the vagina.
This is LELO's unique and one-of-a-kind vibration. This is a spec that even those who find it difficult to feel inside should definitely try it, and you can feel the high quality of the insertion toy by looking at it alone.

[Feature 3]Soft and flexible, allowing you to adjust the angle to your liking.
The softness of the body part is important for the combined suction and insertion type. If the base of the insertion part does not open, the insertion and suction parts are always used as a set. For example, it is not possible to use only the suction part or, conversely, only the insertion part.
The connection between the suction toy and insertion part of ENIGMA is very soft and opens easily (usually the insertion part is on the suction side, but ENIGMA bends to the opposite side of the handle when opened by hand), so it is possible to use only suction or only insertion. You can also stimulate the clitoris or breast top to fully feel it before insertion, and then proceed to insertion.
To use for insertion, first insert the vaginal side before turning on the power, and then adjust the suction opening so that it covers the clitoris.
Once the position is set, press the + button to turn on the power. Start at the slowest speed and gradually adjust the vibration and mode according to your preference. To turn off the power, press and hold the middle button.

[Feature 4] The suction mouth seals the clitoris.
An important point for the realistic sensation of being "sucked" by the suction toy is that the suction mouth should tightly seal the skin without any gaps.
This is because the suction toy uses air vibrations to reproduce the sensation of being sucked. If the air inside the suction mouth leaks, the air inside will not vibrate.
ENIGMA has a flattened form that drops slightly at an angle from the outer diameter of the suction port to the center hole. It is designed to fit easily to seal the skin and keep air inside.

[Feature 5] Fit of the handle.
The unique warped, arched form of the suction part is designed to be easy to hold when gripped.
It is also 5 mm slimmer in width than the SONA series, making it easier to operate without strain on the handle.

[Feature 6] 100% waterproof design.
Completely waterproof and can be used even during bath time. It can also be washed for hygienic and long-lasting use.

Please use lotion with them. It will make the sensation more realistic and pleasurable.
ENIGMA uses sonic vibrations to stimulate the outer and inner parts of the clitoris in a pulsating motion.
The silky soft silicone provides a comfortable feel against your skin.
If you want to take your suction toy to the next level of pleasure, if you want to feel a new blend of pleasure that is different from the previous Rabbit Toys, or if you want to encounter the pleasure that only the latest toys can provide, choose the ENIGMA. Enjoy the deepest pleasure!

Due to the global situation, we have revised our prices in response to the rising costs of raw materials and transportation.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding.

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