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Stealth Packing Strap
This is a revolutionary harness from the perspective of the Canadian harness brand "ASLAN LEATHER". This is a belt for everyday use that supports light and pack dildos. It's the simplest design, light

Stealth Packing Strap

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Size: XS:66cm-76cm, S:76cm-86cm, M:86cm-96cm ●Color: Black

販売価格:¥2,805 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02070023〜6837

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The simplest pack dildo-specific harness. This harness is for everyday use, not for sex, but for everyday use. It was created by the Canadian harness brand ASLAN LEATHER, which is highly supported by FtM users. This harness supports the dildo with a single elastic attached to the waist belt. At first glance, it looks like, "Is this going to hold the dildo in place? But don't worry. Once you actually put the harness on, you'll be surprised at how well it fits other than that. You put on this harness first, then put on your underwear or pants over it, and the dildo fits snugly in line with your pubic nape. In fact, because the harness area has been reduced to the absolute minimum, there is no extra space between the dildo and the body, giving you a more natural look and feeling of comfort. It's not the type to wear like pants, so it's free between the crotches, and it's not inconvenient in the bathroom. The dildo feels wobbly and dangling. It's also good for creating a "droopy" feeling on a penis that isn't erect. The dildo is supported by thick elastic at the waist, so choose a waist size (low waist) that is appropriate for your body. The NYTC Packed Dildo Archer and NYTC Mini Packed Dildo Pierre are very light and naturally sized for use with packing straps. These belts are made specifically for light dildos, so please consult us if you want to use them with your current dildos or other dildos. Also, it is not very suitable for use during sex.

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