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SAM Stand To Pee is created by FTM for FTM people. If you can’t make up your mind to undergo a reassignment surgery, SAM STP will help. This device helps you to be able to stand to pee and support yo



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Material: silicone
Weight: 158g
Total length:About 13.5cm(About 8cm of penis part)
Diameter of the penis: 42mm
Mouth diameter: 40mm

販売価格:¥10,388 (tax included)
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After years of research, New York Toy Collective created this high quality Stand To Pee Packer.
Soft, light and functional! SAM STP fits the bill for many guys.

We would sell another type of Stand To Pee packer nearly a decade ago. It was very functional device and was in huge demand. We received so many orders and realized that STP devices are critically needed for FTM people. However as each product was made by hand, the production couldn’t keep up with demand. And unfortunately, we couldn’t find the functional and reliable Stand To Pee devices which can keep up with the supply.

Then, we learned about New York Toy Collective.
SAM STP is made of 100% platinum silicone and very light and soft. In addition, unlike previous STPs, no plastic is used for its cup, so you also can use it to make a bulge and you don’t feel the weight in your underwear.

As with any Stand To Pee product, practice is necessary.
Example, for me I had a problem with leakage at first and needed to practice a couple of times until I could use it smoothly. Because its cup is made of soft silicone, you need to hold the device when you urinate. If you don’t hold it or hold it too strong, the cup could slip from the urethra and cause a leakage.

After some practice, however you will find your own angle. The soft and curved silicone seals and fits on your urethra. Anyway, we recommend practicing enough before taking it out in public. The urethral opening is very small and SAM’s cup will cover the area tightly. By controlling speed and amount , you can urinate more naturally. 

The SAM’s urethral opening is vertical and 6mm in diameter. There is a space between the urethral opening and the cup where urine can go through. Even if you urinate with high pressure, the jet will go in the direction as aimed.

SAM STP does not require any special underwear or belt. We suggest wearing SAM in snug underwear like boxer briefs. Also it goes well together with the RodeoH boxers.

As this item directly touches your skin, please wash it with soap or toy cleaner after use and make sure they’ve fully dried after cleaning. We recommend use a silicone toy cleaner to use SAM STP longer and cleaner. If you are worry about remained urine inside, apply an anti-bacterial cleaner and gently rub it off. Small-sized bottled anti-bacterial cleaners are very convenient.

Using the ideas

To fit the cup snugly on your body, remove air from the device. Clog SAM’s urethral opening with your index finger and remove air from the device by squashing it with other fingers.
( LPC staff M)

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