"tapping vibe" evokes an unknown pleasure feeling. With the soft V-shaped tip, pinch, crawl, snuggle, stroke! It offers a new form of caressing and orgasm for people of all genders



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●Material: silicone
●Length: 189mm
●Insertable part: 130mm
●Diameter: 16mm to 47mm
●Total weight: 192g
●With travel lock function
●USB rechargeable (click and charge)
●Sound: Small ★☆☆☆☆ Large
●Vibration: 6 levels of intensity / 6 kinds of vibe patterns
●Manufacturer: FunFacrory
●Made in Germany
※It will take up to 4-6 hours to charge.

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The luxury toy brand of Germany that "FUN FACTORY" started in 1996.
We have our own factory in Germany and have earned the trust of the world for the seriousness with which our skilled craftsmen make our products.

And "BLACK LINE" which is chic and drifts with a sense of luxury appeared from FUN FANCTORY where a colorful toy is impressive!
It is a lineup of black color and new FUN FACTORY of the stylish impression as if it were a completely new toy.

This type of toy with a two-legged tip is a trend in the toy industry that has been announced by various manufacturers.
It is establishing itself as the new face of the vibe.
The appeal of this product is its versatility, which makes it easy to pinch, attach, crawl, rub, and trace.
The powerful and detailed stimulation by tapping the sexual area like rubbing it, which is not limited to the existing "filling up" rotors and "inserting" vibrators, can be enjoyed by people of all genders, or by one or two people.
Absolutely recommended for anyone who loves caresses.
Of course, with the powerful vibrations, this stimulation alone is enough to bring you to orgasm.

The separate tips are very soft and supple, and are designed to pinpoint the sexual area.
The tip is like a bird's beak, and if you pinch the place where you feel it, you will be tickled by strong stimulation...too exquisite tapping.
The elasticity is like a rubber spatula that binds with just a little touch with your fingers, so even with strong tapping, there is no discomfort or pain like being tapped.

That's right, FUN FACTORY, a company that has been taking "pleasure" seriously and carefully for many years, for couples of all genders!
It's not just a novelty, it's a completely new idea based on ergonomics.

For example, pinching your clitoris or nipples. Or to cover the surface of the vagina. Stimulate the anal and perineal areas.
If you're a man, I'd recommend sliding up and down between your penis and scrotum.
You can't help but tickle your back and tummy by tracing the surface.
It feels good to use it as it is, but if you want to double the pleasure of the tapping vibe, lotion is a must!
If you use a lot of lotion, you may be surprised by the pleasant feeling when you stroke it with the vibration of the VOLTA.

Of course, it is not only possible to apply it from the surface, but also to insert it.
However, in that case, the flapping and tapping of the tip will have little effect, and the vibrations will be similar to those of a normal vibe.
In order to demonstrate the attractive stimulation that only VOLTA can provide, it is recommended that the surface be followed.

It's simple and easy to use.
Press the [FUN] button a little longer to start the vibration. The same procedure is used to turn off the power.
To switch between strong and weak vibration and vibe pattern, just click [+] and [-].
You can enjoy six speeds and six vibe patterns.
The stronger the vibration, the more powerful it is, and you will have an orgasm in no time.

Even though it has a powerful motor, it is designed to be quiet, so you don't have to worry about the noise even if you turn it up.
In addition, the looped handle ensures that the small vibrations are transmitted directly to the handle, so you won't feel uncomfortable even if you use it for a long time.
The magnetic charging system is water-resistant and can be used in a wide range of situations.

We hope you enjoy it to your heart's content.

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