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exsens Massage HOT VANILLA
It will make you feel hotter, more pleasurable, more free and more fun to have sex with. It's a massage oil that tastes good even when it's licked, and it's made with the body in mind.

exsens Massage HOT VANILLA

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●Made in France

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Meeting food and cosmetic standards is a "no brainer" at the Love Peace Club! But this massage oil hides an even greater power. Everyone who has used it will say at first, "This is my first time! "What the hell is going on here? You'll be obsessed with it and its charms!

I want to try different flavors! We have prepared a 3ml use up pillow for you.

The texture is a little heavier than a normal oil. However, it doesn't feel like it's sticky at all.
Massage in circular motions with your fingertips so that the product can be absorbed slowly into the skin.
...So far, it's just regular massage oil... Now it's time to move on! 
Now that your skin is moisturized, try to take a breath.
This is where a lot of people make a sound of amazement.
The massage oil is soaked into your skin, and the breath you blow on it brings heat and makes your skin sizzle.
This is the kind of massage that lovers do together. It's not sexy just to massage hard!
That's why you want to enjoy the breath, the licking...and the feeling of freedom!
When it's hot, your nerves are focused and it's like you're in the middle of your body and the pleasure is concentrated. If you let him lick it...
Enjoy letting the nipples, the spine, of course the clitoris, and of course the penis...let the hot part cool down.
Of course, you can also enjoy the feeling and enjoyment of the licking. The best part is that it's so delicious!

A French lotion manufacturer. Almost all of the staff, including the president, are women, and the company is designed with women's bodies, independent sex, and free pleasure in mind.
This is a massage oil I really recommend.

For couples who have never done massage oil before, "Let's use this! Please enjoy it by all means, as if you were suggesting

It has a sweet vanilla flavor without being childish.

*It can be used on the whole body, but please avoid the eye area.
*Keep out of the reach of children.
*Please store at room temperature. The quality of the product will change if it is stored in a place with extreme temperature changes.

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