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RianneS Heart Vibrator CoralRose
It’s like a jewelry box. When you open it, you will find the cutest heart vibrator. This dainty hart-shaped clitoral vibrator is surprisingly compact and light, yet boasts 10 vibration patterns!


RianneS Heart Vibrator CoralRose

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●Made in China

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The dainty heart-shaped mini vibrator from the brand “RianneS”, the luxury sexual lifestyle brand founded by a female designer and creating female-friendly, beautiful and sensual accessories for today’s woman. This sweet compact heart vibrator fit in the palm of your hand.

The Heart vibe comes in a beautiful little box with a ribbon graphic and a stamp. It looks like a jewelry box. I was soooo excited and couldn’t wait to see what was inside when I got it. Then I opened the box, and was smitten by the cutest heart vibrator. The mini heart vibrator with gold accent around the edge and a small logo of “RS:” on it”.

This vibrator is made with high-grade silicone and has smooth & silky texture. This isn’t a soft typed vibrator but the silky silicone material feels wonderful against your skin. Different from icy cold texture.

On top of all that, this vibrator is surprisingly light, about the same weight as five 10 yen coins. And it’s incredibly small. Well, it’s small enough to fit in your hand.

Now, the power. I know that many people might think “Such a small vibrator must have only 1 vibration mode.” To tell the truth, I myself thought that way. Well, actually the Heart Vibrator is surprisingly powerful for such a little thing.
Despite it’s small size, the RianneS Heart Vibrator boasts 10 vibration modes from weak vibration like teasing to constant vibration or intense pulsating one etc... So you can choose your favorite vibration for your enjoyment depending on your mood .

The Heart Vibe can be used for many ways. The V creates a great pin point stimulation shape and you can stimulate your favorite place like nipples, neck and other erogenous zones. Or using the contours of the heart, you can try to stimulate clitoris and press the surface against your vagina at the same time. Or simply slip this small heart in your underwear and enjoy teasing vibration....wow....that’s also wonderful!

The Heart vibe is also rechargeable and when it is charging, a little LED Heart flashes on and off red. It’s so cute it looks like its beating.

Small yet detailed and very discreet vibration. You could easily leave this out and it could be mistaken for a little trinket. We recommend this toy for someone who is new to vibrator and loves their girly luxuries. Give it a try!

RianneS - the luxury sexual lifestyle brand founded by Rianne Swierstra, a designer from the Netherlands. In 2003, she started to study the needs of female-friendly sex toys and launched her brand in 2010. Since then, RianneS is creating beautiful and sensual accessories for today’s woman. The brand started to garner attention and foreign fashion magazines such as ELLE feature RianneS products.

【How to use 】
1. Press (~) button 0.5 seconds to turn on.
2. Then press (~) button to change its vibration patterns.
3. Press (~) button 3 seconds to turn off.

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FAQ about products

Q How do I wash it?     A Since it is not waterproof and cannot be washed in running water, we recommend the use of a toy cleaner. When using the toy cleaner, be careful not to allow liquid to enter the charging port.
Q How many hours does it take to charge?    A In some cases, the charge may be empty at the time of delivery. Please charge it for 8 hours before using it for the first time. After that, it will be fully charged in three hours. The continuous use time varies depending on the mode of the vibe, but the average is 2 hours.

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