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RianneS Classique Vibrator rainbow
It’s like a lipstick! The Classique is a cute basic vibrator from the brand “RianneS”. Comes in a lovely lockable cosmetic bag.


RianneS Classique Vibrator rainbow

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●Pattern: 7
●Coming with Bag
●Made in China

販売価格:¥5,610 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090377

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The Classique is a cute basic vibrator from the brand “RianneS”, the luxury sexual lifestyle brand founded by a female designer and creating female-friendly, beautiful and sensual accessories for today’s woman. This cute mini vibrator is like a lipstick! It’s compact enough to keep in your handbag.

This lovely toy comes in a cute lockable cosmetic bag with a little gold finish heart padlock and little keys to unlock it. I’m sure that no one think that there is a vibrator inside. The cosmetic bag itself is durable. With a padlock, you can store the vibe in a discreet and convenient way. In this way, you can easily and discretely take it on the road or keep it at home without garnering attention.

Once unlocked the bag, you get to see the most gorgeous purple mini vibrator with gold colored detail at the control end. It’s really compact and stylish.

Also the diamond cut grip of the vibrator help your grasp when you use a toy. This vibrator is made with high-grade silicone and has soft and springy texture. It feels wonderful against your skin.

How to Use?  This toy is easily operated by one button pressed once to turn on, and then pressed again every time you want to scroll through different functions. Normally this kind of simple toys have only 1 to 3 vibration patterns, but despite it’s small size, the RianneS Classique Vibrator boasts 7 different vibration modes from constant vibration to intense pulsating one etc... So you can choose your favorite vibration for your enjoyment.

RianneS Classique Vibrator is about the same size of three fingers. Despite of its simple design, it can be used in many ways. Well, you can use it for clitoral stimulation, teasing your erogenous zones, and exploring penetration etc...

This is a convenient battery powered toy. Washable and easy to clean. Just don’t forget to remove batteries before washing.

We recommend this toy for someone who is new to vibrator and loves their girly luxuries!
Also this classy vibe would make a perfect gift. Recommended!

Using the ideas

It's a pouch that holds your toys, and of course your toy care items too! You'll have a lot of fun on sleepover days with just one of these! And don't forget the batteries!

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