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Naughty Knots
The image of bondage will change. It's fun to look at! A stylish, cute and safe "knot-tying" instruction book! Tie up your entire body beautifully with easy-to-understand illustrations.

Naughty Knots

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●Hardcover: 95mm x 128mm
●Page 224.
●Text: English

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Item Number: 05090210

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A world of sensuality, bondage...
A world of enchantment, bondage...
Fetish world, bondage...

S&M play is a tougher challenge for me, but I'm actually interested in a softer version of S&M. For those of you who are just curious, here's the guidebook on how to tie a rope. I have found a very stylish, cute and safe guide book on how to tie a rope!

Starting with arms, hands and legs, how to tie them to the bed or chair, and even full body bondage.
It's full of stylish and cute illustrations, and you can flip through the pages and just enjoy looking at them.
This is not only a good introduction to bondage, but also for those of you who want to pursue a more serious bondage style.

The entire book is in English, but the entire binding process is illustrated with easy-to-understand illustrations, so you don't need to be able to read English to understand!
It is also a great gift to give along with fetish goods.
If you want to try it out with your partner, but are worried that he or she might be turned off by the suddenness of it, this guidebook is a great place to start.

The important thing in SM is to communicate with your partner.
If you and your partner are sure of each other's preferences and weaknesses while playing, you'll be able to deepen the trust and intimacy between you and your partner.
If you've been in a sex rut lately and haven't had enough stimulation, this guidebook will help you get that fresh feeling back!

It's a very cute design, so you can decorate your room with it, too.

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