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Biird Necklace
A necklace by the Nethrlands toy brand "biird" whose mission is to dispel the taboo surrounding pleasure. It is shaped to resemble the Bird toy, Evii.

Biird Necklace

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●Material: Brass (24K gold plated)
●Pendant size: 0.9cm
●Chain length: 50 cm

販売価格:¥3,000 (tax included)
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First time in Japan! The Netherlands pleasure toy brand "biird."
It is a female-led toy brand with a mission to dispel taboos surrounding women's pleasure.

 The brand name "biird." is both friendly and has a strong message of "We are free to fly like a bird!
Biird also emphasizes "come as you are".
Rather than dictating how and when to use a product, Biird aims to provide products that allow users to explore their own bodies and those of their partners in ways they never thought possible.

Biird offers not only toys, but also a full line of sundries.
This classy and sophisticated necklace is shaped to resemble Biird's Evii toy.
Who would have thought that this is a pleasure toy necklace...! (If someone recognize it , the person must be one of us!)

At Biird, we strongly believe that self-pleasure is normal, part of a healthy lifestyle, and nothing to be ashamed of.
Of course, it would be nice if we could proudly show off our pleasure toys, but it is difficult in everyday life. So, Biird thought, let's show it off with sundries!
Wearing these easy-to-wear, pleasure-themed items in our daily lives is a statement that our pleasure is not something to be hidden, and that we enjoy it with pride.

You can show it off proudly or wear it casually and secretly. Wear it however you like and enjoy fashion and pleasure!

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