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"C Shape Toy" has both suction and vibration parts ! Body can be freely bent to fit everyone.The smallest, slimmest, and lightest C Shape Toy.



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●Material:Medical silicone, ABS plastic
Total length:189mm
Insertable length:110mm
●Noise: Small ★☆☆☆Large
●Battery Type: USB rechargeable
●Charging Time: 1 hour for full charge
●Vibrate Modes: 9-10 levels of vibration: pattern vibration, 9-10 levels: suction pattern
●Vibrate Intensities: 1-8 levels of vibration: strong/weak,1-8 levels: suction strength
●Waterproof:completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:2 years
●Manufacturer: PUISSANTE (France)
●Made in: China

販売価格:¥21,780 (tax included)
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'Masturbation is an important practice for getting to know yourself,
for taking care of yourself, for loving yourself. Take time to feel well
and confident in your body. Our goal at PUISSANTE is to eliminate the
taboo of masturbation and to show people that masturbation is healthy,
important and very enjoyable."

PUISSANTE is a femtec brand launched in France in 2021.
means "powerful" in French. The brand name was inspired by the founder
Marie Comacle's words, "We are all perfect, now let's be Puissantes."
It advocates women to confidently enjoy their sexual pleasure, which until now has been considered taboo.

"coco" is a pleasure toy developed by women for women, launched through
crowdfunding on ululeule (a French platform), and commercialized with
great success.
After a year and a half of research, development,
testing, and feedback, it was created from a woman's perspective, and is
a gentle toy for first-time toy users.

[Feature 1: C-shape toy with both suction and vibration portions with 2-in-1 functionality]
toys" have now become a major genre of toys. They do not directly touch
the skin, but use air vibration technology to produce the sensation of
being gently sucked up. The "C Shape Toy" combines the suction toy with
an insertion vibrator.
This toy is popular because it provides more complex and deeper orgasms.
pleasure of the suction toy by itself is the most intense
orgasm-inducing sensation one has ever experienced, but at the same
time, when the inside is also filled, deep and complex orgasms spread
throughout the body.
This can be seen from the structure of the clitoris, which has recently been discovered from an anatomical perspective.
the part we call the "clitoris" is only the "head," which is only 10%
of the clitoris visible from the outside of the body. In reality, the
clitoris is a large organ, nearly 10 cm long, with about 90% of its
volume buried inside the body, and inside the body it extends deep into
the vicinity of the vulva and the front wall of the vaginal canal in the
shape of a penguin with outstretched arms. It is also a very sensitive
organ with more than 10,000 nerves in the clitoris compared to the 4,000
nerves in the penis.
Yes, we feel pleasure neither in the vagina nor
in the clitoris, but outside or inside the clitoris. It is very rare
for a woman to reach orgasm through penetration alone; 80% of women do
not achieve orgasm through insertion alone.
With the C-Shape Toy, the
10% of the clitoris that is visible on the outside and the 90% of the
clitoris that is on the inside are simultaneously pinched and stimulated
to a blended orgasm.

There are a total of 10 different suction
patterns: steps 1 to 8 are suction intensity, while steps 9 to 10 are
rhythmic pattern suction. The gentle and soft suction makes it suitable
for toy beginners and those who do not like too strong stimulation. As
with the suction, the vibration is also strong and weak in steps 1 to 8,
and rhythmical pattern vibration in steps 9 to 10.
This toy is
designed for those who prefer to feel as if they are facing themselves
slowly and step by step over time, rather than those who prefer strong
suction and powerful vibrations.

[Feature 2: Small! Slim! Lightweight! Compact C-shape toy]
recent years, many brands of C-shape toys have been developed, but the
drawback is that they are inevitably large because they are equipped
with two functions, suction and insertion.
What women are looking for
is a toy that is neither too large to be difficult to insert nor too
powerful and directly stimulating, but one that is gentle and safe to
use. Many say that smaller, lighter, and slimmer insertion parts are
easier and safer to use.
COCO is the most compact and slim among the
C-shape toys sold by Love Peace Club. It is safe for both those who have
given up on C-shape toys due to its size and for toy beginners.
The flat part in the center that can be bent is approximately 2 cm wide and 8 mm thick!
it is easy to insert, the tip is made of fluffy silicone, which is
designed to give the user the sensation of being inserted.

3: It can be bent as desired, and can be used both inside and outside
at the same time, or either outside or inside on its own.]

distance and angle between the clitoris and vagina varies from person
to person. Some people find it difficult to fit the clitoris when it is
aligned with the vagina, or the angle of insertion is not quite right
when it is aligned with the clitoris....
Coco's design allows you to change the shape as you wish, so you can find the position that fits you best.
insertion part can be easily bent with both hands, and can be adjusted
to your desired angle, making it easy to use in any position, including
side or doggy position, as well as normal position.
Also, until now,
if you wanted to use it both externally and internally, you had to buy
two toys. However, with the bendable design, a single toy can be used
for both external and internal use at the same time, or for either
external or internal use alone.
The bendable feature is also useful
when you want to enjoy a stand-alone function, such as using it straight
out as an insertion toy or bending the insertion part to use it as a
suction toy with a handle.
At first, you can enjoy only suction, and
when you get excited, you can insert it, and the climax will be inside
and outside at the same time! You can use it in different ways depending
on the situation and your mood.
The design makes it easy to fit
anyone, but if COCO doesn't fit you perfectly, don't worry, it's not a
problem with your body at all.

Toys have become more
expensive in recent years. C-shape toys are also more expensive for all
brands. Some people have said that they would like to try them, but feel
that the hurdle is too big for those who are using their first toy or
their first C-shape toy.
We have kept the price low enough to make it
easy for beginners to try. The price is set with PUISSANTE's message to
reach as many people as possible who need it.

[How to use COCO]
1. What is important is that the more time you spend, the more relaxed and pleasured you will feel.
A five-minute masturbation will give you a different orgasm than a masturbation that takes time to condition you.
Please enjoy COCO in such a way that you can let yourself go and go on a journey of feeling good in every part of your body.
So, first, make yourself comfortable and cozy.
Light candles, play your favorite music, close the curtains...create a mood that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

2. Feel the softness of COCO.
genitals are not the only erotic part of the body. It is important to
take the time to discover yourself by stimulating every part of your
body with the vibrations of coco.
Chest, shoulders, stomach, legs...
Explore your emotions and sensitivities so that you can spread them
throughout your entire body.
Another idea is to use other objects to
alter your senses. Use ice to feel a chill, or a feather duster to
stroke your skin, or anything else that feels comfortable.

3. When you feel yourself sufficiently comfortable, move on to the clitoris.
a little lubricant on the suction area and move it up and down, side to
side, to the labia majora, to the labia minora, to the clitoris.
You will find the area that feels good to you.
can check how you feel by moving it back and forth over different areas
as well as the vibrating part. If you are concerned about the operating
noise, the suction port is not firmly attached to the skin and is not
in the correct position, so try to find the most snug position. When the
suction is snug without trapping air, the sound will be so quiet that
you will not be bothered by it.

4. Finally, enjoy the 2-in-1 function of COCO, both the suction and vibration portions.
You can adjust the vibration and suction according to your own sensation and pace.
Changing the position, angle, and pressure will change the way you feel.

values the pleasure and sexual health of all women, and in keeping with
this consistent stance, the company is also involved in sex education
and advocacy efforts to eradicate sexual violence against women.
every product sold, PUISSANTE donates 1 euro to Orchidées Rouge (an
organization that opposes female genital mutilation), whose slogan is
"We want to give every woman the freedom to control her own body and
choose the life she wants."
Female genital mutilation affects more than 200 million women worldwide, 500,000 in Europe, and 125,000 in France.
Rouge is an organization that campaigns for the eradication of female
genital mutilation, early and forced marriage, and all forms of violence
against women and girls, as well as for the economic emancipation of
women, and PUISSANTE fully supports its work.
The Love Peace Club
also supports the initiative to expand women's solidarity through toys,
whereby protecting one's own pleasure and body is connected to
protecting the bodies and sexual health of other women.

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