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LELO TIANI Harmony Aqua
A remote-controlled vibrator that you can freely control with your phone! Two built-in motors lead you to deep pleasure from the outside and from the inside.


LELO TIANI Harmony Aqua

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●Material:PC, ABS plastic, body-safe silicone
Insertable length:W22×H15×Length72mmmm
Vibrator part that hits the clitoris: 52mm (length) x 30mm (width)
●Noise: small☆☆☆☆☆Large
●Battery Type:Lithium-ion 3.7v 200mAh
●Charging Time:2 hours charge for up to 2 hours of use
●Vibration intensity
When using the app: 10 levels
When operating the main unit: 4 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:One year
●Manufacturer: LELO

販売価格:¥26,400 (tax included)
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TIANI is a vibrator that can be enjoyed by one or two people, and can also be used for penetration sex with a dildo or vibrator in it!
It is LELO's most popular remote-controlled vibrator.

It used to have one motor built into the clitoral part, but now it has another motor built into the insertion part, and has evolved into a DUO type!
That's not all. The previous TIANI series were operated with a remote control, but TIANI Harmony does not require a remote control. By using the dedicated app, your smartphone becomes a remote control!
You can now enjoy pleasure more smartly and freely.

LELO is well known for its vibrations, and by incorporating two high-performance motors, it is now possible to pinch the clitoris from both the front and back!

Inserting a dildo or penis into the insertion area along with the toy...is that okay? Won't it hurt? If you are worried, don't worry! The insert is small, with a width of 2.2 cm and a maximum thickness of 1.5 cm. It has a groove that follows the penis or dildo, and is calculated to hit the G-spot intensively when inserted. As expected of LELO!

Vibrations to the clitoris from the front and back, plus the weight of the piston from simultaneous insertion, plus the precise stimulation of the G-spot... this is definitely going to give you the best orgasms!
When the penises are inserted together, both parties can enjoy each other's pleasure without intense piston movements.

Although it is possible to operate it with the buttons on the main unit, the key point of this TIANI™ Harmony is the linkage with your smartphone!
By connecting to the dedicated "LELO" app via Bluetooth, your smartphone becomes a remote control. You can freely operate the device.

The app's usage includes the following
・Changing the intensity of the vibrations by tilting the smartphone
・Changing the intensity by shaking the phone
・Changing the intensity by pressing the buttons on the phone.
There are three patterns.

The intensity of the vibration can be adjusted by the tilt of the phone and the force of the shake.
There are 10 levels of intensity. When you want strong stimulation, you can tilt the phone or shake it with a jerk, and it is great to be able to adjust it sensuously!
There are also 10 vibration rhythm patterns to choose from. Not only does the rhythm change, but it also vibrates alternately in the insertion area and the clitoris area, so the possibilities for enjoyment are endless!
LELO's strength lies in the fact that you can enjoy not only alternating vibrations, but also a gradual, rippling, and shifting vibration from outside to inside.

Of course it is fun to use as a couple, but it can also be enjoyed alone.
Once TIANI™ Harmony is attached, all you have to do is operate it with your phone, and you can enjoy inserting a dildo or vibrator with your other hand.

It is also completely waterproof, so you can enjoy it even during bath time.
The insertion part is also quite slim, so even if you are looking for your first insertion item!

Please try the latest TIANI series, which is packed with LELO's technology!

How to use
1. Install the dedicated "LELO" app and turn on Bluetooth.
2Tap the toy symbol and select TIANI™ Harmony.
3.Select "Play".
4. Press and hold the button on the top of the device until the light flashes (3 seconds), and the device will automatically connect to the app.
5. First, stimulate the clitoris and slowly relax the body.
6. When you are ready, insert!
7. Insert a dildo or penis, change the vibration and rhythm, and more. The fun is endless!

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