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CRAVE Vesper Necklace Silver
A jewelry-like toy. This vibrator from San Francisco [CRAVE] is popular for its simple design. Enjoy sexy and exciting play.


CRAVE Vesper Necklace Silver

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●Lengh: 680mm (chain), 10mm (vibrator)
●Diameter: 7mm
●USB charge (Charger included)
●Water Proof
●Warranty Period: 1 year

販売価格:¥17,380 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090190

Points obtained: 790 LPC Points

This stainless steel vibrator is from Crave, a sex toy brand that pursues design and functionality and values women's ability to enjoy sex with ease.

It's a necklace with a chain, and at the end of the sleek, thin chain is a vibrator connected to a lean design.Is it a pendant necklace? The design that makes you wonder if it's a pendant necklace is as good as you'd expect from CRAVE!

There are four levels of vibration, which is a very fine vibration.The sound is quiet and the vibe itself isn't terribly strong, but it's delicate and soft, and the vibrations are very pleasing.

I recommend playing it blindfolded and using your body as a cover!

The chilly stainless steel, the smooth chains, and the fine vibrations that are transmitted by touch or non-touch are going to spice things up nicely!

It would make a great gift.

・It is a USB rechargeable type. And of course, it is waterproof.
(* Due to its waterproof nature, it cannot be used underwater. Please refrain from submerging it in water or otherwise caring for it.)
・Charging is in progress while the lamp is blinking red. When the color of the lamp changes to blue, it is a sign that charging is complete.
・If the battery is left in a dead state for more than a week, the battery may be damaged.

*Cannot be used for anal use.

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