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【Official Product】Womanizer Mini
Lowest price in the series! Battery-operated type Womanizer. Recommended for those who would like to try out the Womanizer's suction. Simple and easy operation for beginners.


【Official Product】Womanizer Mini

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●Material:ABS resin and body-safe silicone
●Size:W117 x H46 x D47mm
●Noise:low ★★☆☆ high
●Battery Type:Two AAA batteries
●Vibrate Intensities:3 levels
●Waterproof:Waterproof for daily use
●Warranty Period:11year
●Made in:China
Battery included (for operation check)

販売価格:¥5,478 (tax included)
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One of the most popular toys today is the "Womanizer.
Many of you may not be familiar with toys but have heard of the name.
We often hear people say that they thought Womanizer was a generic term for suction toys.
The Womanizer, which is now synonymous with suction toys, is the world's first suction toy.

The Womanizer is a product that many people are put off by its name, which directly translates to something like "sexy man". However, when you actually use it, it is an eye-opening experience, the perfect toy for the clitoris.
Why are clitoris-specific suction toys so popular with so many women?
The fact is that most women reach orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris, not during insertion. Also, a woman's orgasm is not beyond strength or intensity. Many find that gentle, soft, soothing, careful, delicate, and time-consuming stimulation is more deeply pleasurable.

Therefore, Womanizer has developed the world's first suction toy, a completely new concept of a toy that does not directly apply pressure to the clitoris, does not touch it, but simply sucks it up gently to bring it to orgasm.
Historically, sexual toys for women were originally designed to stimulate the clitoris at a certain strength and speed. The Womanizer is revolutionary in that it was designed to "suck the clitoris" rather than vibrate it by directly touching it.

The Womanizer is also characterized by a wide range of series development, including models that pursue suction, models that combine with insertion toys, and models designed to develop the G-spot. This Womanizer Mini is the first in the series to be battery-operated! There is no need to worry about family members finding out while recharging the batteries. Although it is battery-powered, it is not disposable and can be used repeatedly by replacing the batteries.
The palm-sized, inconspicuous travel size allows you to carry it in your bag on weekend trips.

Furthermore, this is the lowest price in the series!
This model is recommended for those who want to try the Womanizer suction first and feel the pleasure of Womanizer in a mini size.

Despite the low price range, three levels of suction strength are available: soft, medium, and strong. Start with soft suction slowly at first, and when you start to feel good, increase to medium or strong suction at your own pace.
Although there are only two levels of difference between soft and strong, the difference in suction power is substantial.

It is like being sucked with the tip of the mouth, or being stimulated with an exquisite lightness that may or may not touch with the tip of the tongue, a new sensation that could not be obtained with direct stimulation.
The operating noise has a distinctive sound of suction, and the more the suction strength is increased, the louder the operating noise inevitably becomes along with the output.
If this bothers you, try using it under a futon or pressing a cushion against it from above to reduce the noise.

It is very easy to use.
Place the cap over the clitoris.
When fully inserted, the rim of the cup vibrates gently at the base of the clitoris while the tip is sucked.
If you use the Womanizer on top of lotion, you will feel as if you are being erotically sucked up while being gently touched. If you intensify the suction, you will feel as if you are being sucked up all at once with pursed lips.
The Womanizer does not directly touch the most sensitive parts, but simply sucks them in with air. This is a new type of suction toy that will make you addicted to it, and you can start with this model, which is positioned for beginners.

[How to use]
Power on/off: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.
Switching suction strength: Click the power button briefly. The suction strength switches in the order of soft, medium, and strong, and returns to soft when it is switched at the strong stage.
・The suction port on the main unit can be cleaned with water.
・Wipe the suction port with a clean, wrung-out wet towel to prevent water droplets from entering the suction port.
・Please wipe the suction port with a clean, wrung-out wet towel to prevent water droplets from entering the suction port.
・The cap is removable. After washing it with water, clean it with Toy Cleaner and wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth.

*If you feel any pain or discomfort during use, discontinue use immediately.
*We are an authorized distributor of Womanizer and this product is an official product.

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FAQ about products

Q Can I wash it in water? A Washing in water is not recommended except for the removable cap part. Please wipe the suction port of the main unit with a clean, wrung-out wet towel to prevent water droplets from getting inside. Also, clean all parts of the main unit except for the suction port with a toy cleaner.

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