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New sensation "tapping vibe" that flaps its wings at high speed! Safe function and smooth, soft and good quality silicone. Stimulate it to pinch or use it as a caress.



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●Material: silicone
●Length: 160mm
●Insertable part: 130mm
●Maximum diameter: 31mm
●Total weight: 81g
●Charging: AA battery x 1
●Sound: Small ★★☆☆ Large
●Fully waterproof
●Vibration: 1 pattern
●Manufacturer:FUN FACTORY
●MADE INGermany

販売価格:¥7,150 (tax included)
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If you are looking for your first vibrator, if you want to have a firm orgasm with soft and smooth stimulation, or if you are looking for stimulation that makes you squirm unconsciously.
I highly recommend VOLITA!
The mini version of the best-selling toy "VOLTA" of FUN FACTORY became a cheap price here!
It is a new sense vibe "VOLITA".

The tip, which is divided into two legs like a bird's beak, flutters so quickly and finely that you can clearly see the "afterimage" with a fluttering sound. and "afterimages" are clearly visible to the naked eye, so that it flaps quickly, finely, softly, and supplely.
The afterimage of the fluttering wings, which can be perfectly seen even with the naked eye... If you guessed this, you would be able to open up some kind of pleasure.

VOLITA is designed to gently massage the clitoris and ensure that you will have an orgasm.
When I put my clitoris between the two, the tip of my tongue is soft and springy at a super high speed and comes and goes from the top to the bottom and from the right to the left...an unknown feeling that I have never tasted before!

If you're a man, I recommend sliding it up and down along your penis or scrotum.
We recommend VOLITA to those who want more soft and delicate stimulation such as caressing the nipples, nape of the neck, thighs, etc., which are too hard to hit with a normal rotor. We also recommend VOLITA for those who want more soft and delicate stimulation like caressing.

The secret of VOLITA's unique high speed flapping is that the two sections of the tip are made of silicone only, and there is no "core" inside.
So, you can use it as it is, but if you want to feel the pleasure of tapping vibes more and more, we recommend using it with lotion!
When the tip is wet with a lot of lotion ... Even if you apply it to the part that is not usually a sex zone, such as an arm, to the stimulus that seems to be licked by the tip of the tongue at high speed, the voice leaks without thinking to the erotic stimulus of too much!
If VOLITA is used, will the whole body become a sexual sensation zone? It is as much as I say.

Because of its mini size, it can be inserted as well as hit from the surface.
In that case, you will hardly feel the unique vibration of tapping inside (the tip does not flap around inside).
The whole body vibrates in the same way as a normal vibe.

The vibe starts when you slide the battery case like twisting it.
The clean simplicity of not even having a button on it.
There is one type of vibe, not strong or weak. For those used to strong vibrations, the vibrations may be lacking, but for those new to vibes, the vibrations are more than adequate and steady.

The days of disposable mass consumption of cheap vibes are over.
VOLITA uses small, powerful motors made in Germany using the highest quality premium silicon and the world's most advanced technology, even in water.
Whether you want to use it as a first toy for a single person, as a rotor and insertion vibe, or as a couple exploring each other's bodies...it will work in many different situations! 

The length, softness, lightness, thinness, strength of the vibe, and the price are all "very comfortable" items from the popular German brand FUN FACTORY.
A new form of orgasm is here to stay.

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