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Nipple clips and pearl tassels
Elegant nipple clip with tassel design. The pearl-like beads make a pleasant chirping sound. It is a delicate clip that does not interfere when worn, but can firmly pinch the top of the bust.


Nipple clips and pearl tassels

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●Material: metal, stones, beads
●Size: 140mm in length
●Brand: Bijoux de Nip (USA)
●Made in USA

販売価格:¥4,906 (tax included)
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The design consists of a series of freshwater pearl-like beads that look like tassels.
The understated and elegant design is easy to use and match with any lingerie or fetish item.
Each time the bust top is squeezed and tightened, it shakes and makes a pleasant light sound.
The careful and detailed construction looks beautiful and is perfect for photography.
It is light and puts very little strain on the bust top. It is an accessory to enjoy the pleasure of tightening up rather than playing with the weight.
The knob can be adjusted to fit the size of the bust top, making it suitable for a wide range of sizes.
You can tighten it as hard as you dare and feel the stimulation, or you can tighten it softly and enjoy the gentle stimulation.
It holds firmly and does not fall off even when you move.
This is a nipple clip made by a brand specializing in nipple clips that is not only excellent in design but also in function.

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