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New sensation! Piston Toy vibrates clitoris from inside! The sensation of thrusting from the inside makes orgasm deeper and longer lasting. Petite size with a 2.5cm diameter tip for beginners.



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●Material:Medical silicon
Total length :170mm
Insertable length: 110mm
Φ: approx. 25-40mm
●Weight: 159g
●Noise: ★☆☆☆☆☆
●Battery Type: USB charging
●Charging Time:  4-6 hours
●Operating time: 3 hours
●Vibration pattern: 5 speeds + 3 rhythms
●Waterproof: Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period: 1 year
●Manufacturer:  FUN FACTORY
●Made in: Germany

販売価格:¥25,190 (tax included)
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The clitoris, an organ that has long been prejudiced, misunderstood, and still not talked about enough.
Half of the human race is born with a clitoris, but it is only recently that a clear understanding of the clitoris has emerged.
The word "clitoris" comes from the Greek word "kratris" = "little hill."
In fact, the visible clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg, only 10% of one large organ. The remaining 90% is buried inside the body, bulbous in shape, with large roots extending from side to side through both sides of the labia and into the body, like legs on either side. These "legs" are called the labial legs.
The structure of the clitoris is very important to know when considering orgasm. This is because only about 18% of women orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.
The area commonly referred to as the "G-spot" is also said to be the area around the confluence of the pubic legs touched from the vaginal side.

The STRONIC PETITE is designed to stimulate the remaining 90% of the clitoris, or the thousands of nerves that make up the clitoral leg!
The undulating, wave-like design penetrates deep into the vagina and perfectly stimulates the clitoral leg from the inside of the vagina. Not only does it stimulate, but the sensation of thrusting from the inside not only deepens but also prolongs orgasms.
The tip is 2.5 cm in diameter, a size that is comfortable for beginners.
We highly recommend this new insert toy for updating your orgasm, even if you have never tried a piston vibrator and have never felt a good sensation inside!

[Feature 1] Designed to stimulate the clitoris from the inside
STRONIC PETITE firmly stimulates the clitoral leg, which extends inside the body like a root, from the inside with its wave-like raised shape and carefully and surely thrusting piston.
The wave-shaped bumps are also simulated to rub against the vaginal entrance and outer clitoral area during insertion.
Furthermore, just by using it inside, the wave-like vibrations stimulate the entire vagina and reach the pubic legs, where you were not normally aware of its presence, in a resounding way. It gives a massage not on the surface of the inside of the vagina, but deep inside, like drifting leisurely on deep waves.
A new sensation of clitoral stimulation from the inside. Unlike strong stimulation that directly touches the clitoris on the outside, the STRONIC PETITE pistons the clitoris from the inside like a gentle, internal wave thrusting up and down.It is ideal for those who wish to have a deeper orgasm rather than a quicker orgasm.

[Feature 2] Piston for hands-free enjoyment
STRONIC PETITE is the lightest of FUN FACTORY's "STRONIC" piston series, so you can enjoy hands-free use without having to support it with your hand while inserting it. No need to worry about a numb or tired handle.

[Feature 3] 5 speeds + 3 types of rhythms
From gentle thrusts like soft foreplay to spectacular undulating movements. The piston does not simply move up and down mechanically; it has a unique, organic, smooth movement that can only be achieved by FUN FACTORY, a pioneer in piston toys.
The sound of the movement is also surprisingly quiet, allowing you to concentrate on your pleasure without being disturbed by noise.

[Feature 4] Safe for beginners. Slim and easy-to-insert tip
STRONIC PETITE, as its name "petite" suggests, is unintimidating in size and lightweight. When the piston series was first released, the body was large because it was equipped with a large motor, and many people were interested in piston toys but gave up on them because of their size. Since then, we have continued our pursuit and achieved downsizing. STRONIC PETITE, the slimmest toy in the series, is ideal as a piston toy for beginners. It is also a convenient size to carry with you in a hotel or at your place of stay.

[Feature 5] MADE IN GERMANY. Safe and secure manufacturing process
STRONIC PETITE is made entirely in their own factory in Germany using FUNFACTORY's signature medical grade silicone.
The silicone is very soft to the touch and has a smooth surface. It is designed not only for safety but also for comfort. The coldness and hardness unique to the machine are diminished, making the toy more friendly and easy to use.
In addition, FUN FACTORY is well known for its high quality motors that rarely malfunction, and the machine comes with a manufacturer's warranty, so you can use it with peace of mind for a long period of time.

FUN FACTORY is the world's most popular long-established German toy brand started in 1996.
While many manufacturers have factories in Asia to keep product prices low, FUN FACTORY has a factory in Germany, where craftsmen carefully make each toy one by one. In addition, more than half of the employees at the German headquarters are women. It is a very serious brand that makes toys that are carefully tailored to the opinions of women.
FUN FACTORY is also the pioneer of the first piston vibrator in the toy industry. Although it has been on the market for a long time, there is still no other piston vibrator on the level of FUNFACTORY's. The motor embedded in the vibrator moves up and down... The new technology that makes the vibrator move like a wave, penetrating the vagina and stimulating the clitoris from the inside continues to give new pleasure and orgasms.

*FUN FACTORY's USB charger uses a magnetic charge that connects the charger to the main unit through the action of magnets. The magnetic charge is very easy to be disconnected if the two protruding metals on the main unit side and the charger are not oriented in the same way. The USB charger will still connect and start charging even if the orientation is different, but if the charger comes off easily, please check the orientation of the charger.

Using the ideas

It is recommended to use plenty of lotion. The silicone rubber is very smooth and comfortable to touch, but by applying the lotion, the burden on the skin caused by friction with the vibrator is eliminated and the pleasant feeling is deepened.
Especially for the clitoral area, I recommend a lot of is recommended. That way, it feels like you're being gently licked. Enjoy the sensation of being licked, enjoy the same while enjoying the piston movement!

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FAQ about products

Q How do I charge it? A ●The click-charge charger has a lithium polymer battery built into the vibrator and is 100% waterproof due to the close contact between the operating part and the silicone exterior. Touch the plug (round part) made of the magnet on the side of the charger to the charging part of the vibe (the part with the logo "FUN" at the bottom). When the battery is charged, the charger side (the round FUN part) lights up in red. This magnetic connection connects the vibe to the plug and starts charging.
*Note: Please make sure that these two FUN logos stick together in parallel for a full charge to take place. The plug is only charged when it is correctly positioned at the point where it can be charged (when the red light comes on).
●The red light of the FUN logo on the plug indicates that it is connected to the vibe. When charging is complete, the light on the unit will turn off.
●The new lithium-polymer technology eliminates the so-called memory effect in charging. The maximum charging time is about 6 hours in the beginning. Operating time is approximately 1 hour of continuous use on a 100% full charge.
*Note: Before using this product for the first time, please fully charge it. The first charge will take up to 16 hours, while a continuous charge may take less than 16 hours depending on the battery level. It usually takes about 8 hours to recharge. If you turn on the plug while using the vibe, the vibe will automatically turn off. When the vibe is released from the plug, you can use the control panel to move it again.
*Note: Before using this product for the first time, please fully charge it. The charge should continue for up to 6 hours. Continuous charging can take up to 6 hours depending on the battery level. If you turn on the plug while using the vibe, the vibe will automatically turn off. When the vibe is released from the plug, you can use the control panel to move it again.
Q If the charger breaks, do I need to change it separately? A We also sell only the charger. There are also many types of Click Charge series. From small to large, piston-like vibrators, men's vibrators, etc... You can enjoy a variety of vibes with a single charger.
Q Do I need a condom?  A It's not necessary. We use high quality medical grade silicone. It's very smooth to the touch. Please do not use a condom if possible.
Q Is there any way to make the battery last longer? A Basically, there is no limit to the amount of time the machine can run continuously. The only recommendation for use is to let it rest once for about 15 minutes of continuous use. Also, please note that it may become hot if you leave it running for a long time.

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