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Je Joue the couples collection
JE JOUE's small and powerful "G-spot Bullet" and "Mio" cock ring, which gives you a stronger erection just by putting it on, are now available in a luxury gift box. This is a great gift price.


Je Joue the couples collection

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Je Joue G-spot Bullet
●Material: silicone,ABS resin
●Length: 105mm
●Maximum diameter: 25 mm
●Weight: 50g
●Sound: Small ★★☆☆ Large
●Vibration strength: 5 levels
●Vibration pattern: 7 types
●USB rechargeable
●Waterproof for life
●1 year warranty
●Brand: JE JOUE
●Country of production: China

●Material: Premium silicone
●The diameter is about 33mm~ ※ stretches well.
●Product size: 65 x 50 x 20mm
●Weight: 40g
●USB rechargeable (2 hours of operation on a 2-hour charge)
●Intensity: 5 levels
●Pattern: 7 kinds
●Fully waterproof
●Operating sound: ★★☆☆.
●Brand:JE JOUE
●Country of production: China

販売価格:¥18,700 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01020034

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The British brand "JE JOUE" won the vibe design award for three consecutive years.
As the brand name means "I play", this is a toy brand for adults that is beautifully refined down to the last detail, from the packaging to the design of the toy.

The collection from JE JOUE is for couples in limited quantities!
JE JOUE's popular toy, the small and powerful "G-spot Bullet" and the cock ring "Mio", which gives you a stronger erection just by attaching it to the root, are now available in a luxury gift box.
A stylish square box with a black background and silver feathered design.
It's a fun toy to use alone, but it's even more fun when the two of you use it together! It comes in a set.

The G-spot Bullet is a small, light and smart toy with a bent tip.
The vibration is so strong that it jumps when you put it on your desk, it's just a Bullet!
Speaking of JE JOUE, the charm is the vibration of the bass sound system that echoes in the belly that makes a distinction with other manufacturers.

The overall length is smaller than the iPhone and the diameter is about 5 yen.
The size is easy to use and comfortable for both insert vibes and rotors.
In addition, it is the silky silicone that covers the toy that increases the feeling of pleasure.
The surface is slippery and swooshes over my skin like skating on a freshly polished rink.
The silky silicone covers the power button as well, so there's no feeling of discomfort when it's pressed against your skin.
Please taste the comfort of the silicone from the entire toy♡♡

The vibration is so strong that it is transmitted firmly even if it is not pressed firmly.When it is applied at maximum power, the power is so strong that even after the power is turned off, you can feel the lingering effects of the vibration on your hand.
Gentle and strong. There is a sense of trust that I can entrust myself with with peace of mind.Even though it is so small, there are 7 types of vibration patterns and you can choose from 5 levels of strength and weakness.
Although it is small, its high performance is outstanding among small toys with a total of 35 vibration patterns to choose from.

It's so small that it can reach the G-spot? You may be thinking, "I'm not going to do this".However, the location of the G-spot is surprisingly shallow, and it is said to be around the area where the belly of the fingertip touches when the middle finger is placed up to the second joint.The size of the G-spot Bullet is enough to capture the G-spot.

The bulge of the tip is just the right thickness and thanks to the soft silicone, it vibes as if the G-spot Bullet itself knows where it feels good when you put it inside.It is designed to stimulate the G-spot as it sucks and pushes.

In addition, when tracing the clitoris, neck muscles, nipples, and thighs...a sensitive place as a rotor, the nerves in the body will concentrate as if following the trajectory of Toy. You can use it by yourself, but it's also fun to use it to pet your partner in a mischievous way!
If you're a beginner in vibrating, I highly recommend it, and if you're using a multi-functional toy, you can go back to the beginning of your orgasm with the simple and good G-spot Bullet!

And this is the cock ring toy Mio for penises.
It's made of amazingly soft silicone, so it's a great fit for penises of all sizes.
There is no painful feeling of tightness, and it feels soft. Simply attaching it to the root strengthens the erection and helps to prevent mid-falling.
Moreover, the comfortable vibration that runs from the root to the area around the testicles stimulates the clitoris and the vagina entrance at the same time when it is inserted.
Yes, even if you don't piston hard, the closeness and stimulation are deepening with each other.

What's revolutionary is that you can set the strength of the vibe.
Until now, many cock ring vibrations have been simple and straightforward, but you can adjust them to your liking.
The weakest vibration is really a faint, soft vibration, but when you raise it to the 5th level of the maximum, it's quite strong and feels like a challenge! Please try it out little by little.
When you put it on your penis, you'll see a face that will make you squeal in agony, a face that you've never seen before.

Of course, it can also be attached to dildos.
A couple set that I would heartily recommend to all couples, including lesbians!
The gift price is more economical than buying a single item.

*There is an error in the Japanese instruction manual. Correctly, it is "five levels of intensity and seven different pulsation patterns.

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