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Womanizer Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Mint
The one and only Womanizer collaborates with the one and only Marilyn Monroe! Special edition of the introductory Womanizer "Classic 2"!


Womanizer Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Mint

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●Material: silicon, ABS resin
Total length:155mm
●Battery Type:  USB rechargeable
●Charging Time:  2 hours for full charge
●Operating time:  3 hours
●Vibrate Intensities: 10 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof (IPX7)
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer: womanizer (Germany)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥19,300 (tax included)
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One of the most popular toys today is the Womanizer. It is the world's first suction toy.
The one and only Womanizer, the pioneer of suction toys, has collaborated with the one and only Marilyn Monroe!
The Marilyn Monroe Special Edition of the Classic 2, the introductory model of the Womanizer! The functions of the Classic 2 are retained, but the body design and package design are specially designed.

Womanizer, as you know, means something like "sexy man," and not a few people are put off by the name of the product, but...when you actually use it, you'll think, "What the heck is this !!!!?"you will be awakened. The manufacturer's claim is "100% orgasm guaranteed". It is the perfect toy for the clitoris.
How did the "100% orgasm guarantee" lead to a clitoris-specific suction toy?
In fact, most women reach orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris, not during insertion. Also, a woman's orgasm does not come from strength or intensity. Gentle, soft, careful, delicate, and time-consuming... Many women find that this kind of stimulation provides deeper pleasure.
That is why Womanizer developed a toy that does not directly apply pressure to the clitoris, does not touch it, just gently sucks it up and brings it to orgasm.
Historically, sexual toys for women were originally designed to stimulate the clitoris at a certain strength and speed. The Womanizer is revolutionary in that it was designed to "suck the clitoris" rather than vibrate it by directly touching it.

Womanizers are loved by many women and are often chosen as gifts. This time, we have come up with a Womanizer that is just perfect as a gift!
The name is "Marilyn Monroe Special Edition”. With its good balance of function and price, we recommend it as a gift and for those who want to enjoy suction toys for the first time.
The body was developed from the user's point of view: you want to try out what a suction toy is like, you don't need a high-end model because you don't know if a suction toy is right for you, but you still want to test its performance. Plus a vivid design inspired by Marilyn Monroe!
It is not only the packaging that is cute. The body is now available in four colors: white marble, black marble, mint, and vivid red.

1.There are 10 more suction patterns than in the previous model!
The previous model had 8 levels of suction strength, but now there are 10! You can enjoy more powerful and wider range of suction than the low-end models "Starlet 3" and "Liberty".
Considering that in the past, the Womanizer 2, the most powerful high-end model of the Womanizer company, had 8 levels of suction strength, it is clear that the performance of the Womanizer has improved significantly over the past few years while keeping the price range low.
Preferences for suction strength vary from person to person. Some find strong suction painful, while others, on the other hand, find it insufficiently stimulating without a lot of power.
Some people prefer to start their play gently and climax with a strong suction, while others want to take their time and enjoy it today, while others want to enjoy it quickly before going to bed because they have an early start tomorrow, etc....A wide range of suction levels makes it easier to match the mood and situation of the day.
With the classic 2-level motor, even the weakest level of suction is not just weak, but gentle, soft, and delicate, as if the tip of the tongue is touching it or not. This model is suitable for a wide range of users, from those who prefer soft suction to those who want to feel the sensation of their clitoris being sucked.

2. Soft-touch feel and comfortable to hold
The body part of the Classic 2 is based on ABS resin, but it has a smooth, matte feel to the touch, rather than the smooth, hard texture that is common with ABS resin.
The soft-touch finish was applied to only one side in the previous model, but has been extended to the entire front and back surfaces in this model.
This design takes into consideration not only the sensation when the tool is applied to the clitoris, but also the handle during play.

3.Equipped with "Afterglow Future Function" to immerse oneself in the afterglow of orgasm
The "Afterglow Future Function" is a function that switches to the lowest suction level at once when you reach orgasm and briefly press the power button.
When using the Womanizer, many people increase the suction level step by step and enjoy stronger suction just before orgasm. After reaching orgasm, they want to pause the strong suction for a while. However, it would be a little unsatisfied to turn off the power and suddenly stop the suction. In such cases, this function allows you to enjoy a gentle afterglow after orgasm. This is a function limited to the Classic 2, which is designed not only for orgasm, but also for the afterglow afterwards.

4.Water proof "IPX7" design
The Classic 2 has a waterproof "IPX7" design.
It can be used safely during bath time or when refreshing in the shower. It is also easy to clean when washing before and after use.

How to use
It is very simple to use.
1.Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn it on and start suction.
2.Place the suction cap over the clitoris. When fully inserted, the rim of the cup will gently vibrate the base of the clitoris while suctioning the tip of the clitoris.
3.To change the suction strength, press the plus or minus button.
4.To turn off the power, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.
5. The suction level at the end of the day is memorized, so when you start the machine again, it will start from the previous suction level.
6. To use the After Glow Future function, press the power button briefly to click the power button when it is activated. The suction level will switch to the weakest level 1 at once.

When using the Womanizer, we recommend using it with lotion! You will feel as if you are being kissed while being sucked more smoothly and erotically....
The Womanizer stimulates by not directly touching the most sensitive parts, but just sucking them in with air, giving us strong and complex pleasurable sensations.

The vibrator was invented in 19th century England as part of "mental treatment". The idea was that regular vibrations to the clitoris would lead to orgasm... and it was thought at the time that this would cure depression. The vibrator began as a clitoral massage rather than a vaginal insertion. This was at a time when women were thought to have no sexual desire.
Of course, today we live in an age and society where women are free to talk about and enjoy sex (although there are still many problems). It is also an era in which people actively think and talk about what it means to feel good. It is against this backdrop that the Womanizer was created from the perspective of women's "desire".
It is different from insertion-type vibrators, direct clitoral stimulators, and rabbit-type stimulators that stimulate the clitoris while being inserted. It is a toy that overturns the conventional wisdom in the toy industry that stimulating the clitoris strongly and intensely is the only way to improve pleasure, and is a toy that caters to the delicate pleasures of women.

The silicone cover can be removed, so only the cap portion that is actually in direct contact can be cleaned and washed.
Since it is rechargeable, no dry batteries are required. Also, one replacement silicone cap of a different size is included.
If you feel that the cap is not in the correct position, please try to find a position where the cap fits snugly against your skin without any gaps. If the silicone cap fits properly, the operating noise will be reduced.

The packaging is 41% less plastic. The pouch included is now made of recyclable cotton, making it more sustainable.
The product will be sent with a Japanese instruction manual.

*If you experience any pain or discomfort while using the product, please stop using it immediately.

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