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SVAKOM candy
SVAKOM Candy is a new typed clitoral stimulator. Its cute kissing fish mouth open and shut like a fish and gently bite your clitoris, nipples. Very soft but provide you enough enjoyable stimulation.


SVAKOM candy

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●Material: Ultra soft silicone + Body safe ABS
●Size: 96 x 52 x 42 mm
●Weight: 76g
●Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
●Battery v¥capacity: 300mAh
●Charging Time: 1hour
●Water Repellency: Waterproof
●Intensities: 3

販売価格:¥9,460 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01091024

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SVAKOM is a sensual luxury brand from the U.S. that is good at giving shape to "what it would be like to have a toy like this".
SVAKOM, which boasts of the world's latest technology and absolute quality, is a manufacturer of attention that deals with innovative and highly technical toys that always go one or two steps ahead of our imagination, such as camera-equipped vibrators and electric pricks with heat function, by the ability to win the world's leading product design award.
Once again, SVAKOM has sent us another groundbreaking toy.

Mini-rotor "SVAKOM candy pale blue" which bites sweetly with good enough・・・!
SVAKOM has been doing a lot of chic designs in the past, but this time, candy has a cute atmosphere with its whale-like form and gentle pale blue color.
It's not just the design that's cute.
This revolutionary toy is a mini-rotor with a fish mouth-like tip that opens and closes with a sizzling sound!There may be some people who are worried about whether the "sweet bite" is not painful, but it is a rotor with a new sense of feeling that is gently but properly pinched with moderate force.
It can be used to stimulate the nipple, clitoris, ears, and other sexual organs, so it is a toy that can be used alone or as a couple.

It's not just a sweet bite.
The Candy has a built-in vibration motor, so when you turn it on, you can enjoy the vibrations while the head is moving. There are three levels of vibration speed (strength).
Easy to adjust at the touch of a button.

One thing that bothers me is the sound of operation. It makes a unique "crunching crunching crunching crunching" sound when the mouth opens and closes, which is different from the normal vibration, and the sound is somewhat louder than a quiet vibe.
The reason for this is that the thin tip of the silicone has a roller to open and close it, which makes it easy to leak sound.
It's because of the thin silicon structure that pursues the pleasure of sweet biting.
The noise is considerably reduced if you use it in the futon, so we recommend that you use it in the futon if you have a problem with sound.

It's compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so it takes up little space and is convenient to carry around!
Up to one hour of use on a one-hour charge.

Of course, we're not only concerned about design and function, but also about safety, since it's something we use directly on our bodies.
The material is made of medical-grade soft silicone.
Not only is it safe, but the smooth, smooth sensation when it hits your skin also increases the sensitivity!It's silicone, so it doesn't have a nasty smell, which is nice.

It is USB rechargeable. You can easily charge it at home and use it for a long time.
Put plenty of lotion on your body and wrap your senses with unknown stimulation!

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