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【Le Wand】Deux ドゥ
Equipped with dual motors. Despite its compact size, it is designed to hug your clitoris and nipples with stimulation. With its beautiful design and quiet design, it can be used in any situation.


【Le Wand】Deux ドゥ

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●Material: Body safe metal, silicone
116mm in length
Width: 27mm
Thickness: 13mm
Weight: 87g
● Sound: Small ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Large
●Charging method: USB type
●Charging time: 1.5 hours for a full charge
●Can be used continuously for up to 1 hour
●Vibration pattern: 15
●Vibration Intensity: 6
●Waterproof: Completely waterproof
●Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
●Country of production: China

販売価格:¥23,650 (tax included)
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The Deux is not about "function or design," but about function and design at the same time.

The brand, Le Wand, is led by Alicia Sinclair, former vice president of luxury toy brand Jimmyjane, who is also well known at Lovepie.
Alicia, a 16-year veteran of the sexual health industry, believes that sexual wellness is important from a health and lifestyle perspective and promotes sex education based on knowledge of anatomy and "informed play" (informed play) with factual information.

From such a trusted brand as Le Wand, the Deux is designed with the pleasures of every body in mind and will satisfy your intimacy with yourself or your partner, whether you use it alone or with two people.

Feature 1: Dual motor
Two motors designed to encircle the clitoris, nipples and any other place of your choice. It is embedded in the tip of the two legs. You can enjoy the pleasurable feeling of stereo that delivers stimulation from right and left like a headphone to any sexual area.

Feature 2: Silicon is safe for the body.
The soft and luxurious texture of silicone is also gentle on the body. It has a fine texture and glides smoothly over your skin. It is also recommended for those who do not like the hard feel of metal or plastic.

Feature 3: Waterproof design
The Deux is waterproof and can be soaked in water up to about 48cm for 30 minutes and can be washed whole after use. You can also enjoy your bath time.
It is designed to be highly waterproof and can be washed in the shower or in the whole body, but please refrain from submerging it.

Feature 4: Simple and intuitive operation
With three easy-to-use buttons, you can choose between 15 vibration patterns and six levels of intensity.

Feature 5: High power and quietness at the same time
Compact yet powerful, the Deux is characterized by low, resonant and subtle vibrations that can be felt even on top of your clothes. You can enjoy the powerful vibration to your heart's content with low noise even at maximum output.

Feature 6: No charging cord required. Direct USB charging from the main unit
The Deux has a metal base separated from the silicon part of the body and a USB charging adapter in the metal part. You can charge directly from the main body without the need for a charging cord. It is capable of up to about an hour of play on a full charge.

Feature 7: Travel lock function
The Deux has a travel lock so you can carry it with you.

The Le Wand series is beautiful in shades of noble, soft pink and subdued rose gold.
I feel like I'm going to have a free and attractive pleasure with Le Wand. It makes a great gift for a special occasion.

How to use it].
Power on: Press the + button
Power off: Press and hold the - button until the power is off.
To change the vibration pattern: press the O button.
Selecting the intensity of vibration: press the + or - button
Travel lock: With the power off, press and hold the + and - buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, the LED will flash twice and lock. Repeating the same action will unlock it. It is also automatically unlocked when you connect it to USB and charge it.
Charging light: The LED flashes while charging and switches to light when the battery is fully charged.

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