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FunFactory SmartVibes JAM pastel lilac
FunFactory's smallest vibrator. About 3 fingers thick and long. It is a functional and guaranteed toy. The first toy and the vibe that can be recommended when you want to enjoy it casually.


FunFactory SmartVibes JAM pastel lilac

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●Material:Premium Silicone,body-friendly ABS plastic
●Length:125mm/Insertable Length 100mm
●Made in Germany

販売価格:¥4,950 (tax included)
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Item Number: 6068

Points obtained: 225 LPC Points

A higher priced vibe isn't necessarily a better vibe. Of course, at the Love Peace Club, we meet directly with the manufacturers to check the production process as much as possible, meet with the designers, etc. to decide what kind of vibe to sell.
While many manufacturers have factories in Asia to reduce the price, FunFactory in Germany has been sticking to the German-made products. Since 1996, we have been providing toys that are truly enjoyable, using the highest level of premium silicon and German technology to create motors that are carefully crafted.

Jam is the smallest vibrator made by such FunFactory. I think three adult fingers would be an accurate description, but it is a very exciting size. I've never encountered such a size before. It's not thin, it's not thick, but it's just the right size! It's not thin or thick, but it's the perfect size!
What's more, the plump premium silicone is very comfortable to the touch. It's exquisitely uneven, so it feels good when you take it in and out, and it feels good just to hit it.
It is recommended for those who want to get more into finger sex, for those who are new to penetrative sex, and for those who prefer a smaller size.

It uses a dry cell battery. A simple slide of the lid is all it takes to operate. You can't choose between strong and weak or the type of vibe, but you can enjoy enough vibration without being strong or weak. The price is not high, but it is a vibe where the highest level of attention to detail can be felt in the function and material. The Love Peace Club staff all recommend the smallest vibe!

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