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Harness Invisible Denim 3 black/red
Adjustable to your own size and fit your body snugly. What a comfy harness! Yes, this is the harness we are looking for.

Harness Invisible Denim 3 black/red

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●Hip size: 74cm〜114cm /Each belt hole interval is 15mm
●Inside leg belt length: 〜66cm
●Able to change the dildo ring
●Made with Vegan Leather

販売価格:¥13,200 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090212

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Strap and Bound produce the best quality products by hand work at their atelier in Germany. This is one of the most basic styled harness from Strap and Bound . The ring at the middle and the comfy hip belt enable you to adjust your own size at the backside. One-size-fits for Wist:58cm-130cm.

The design is the same as the other basic harnesses which accommodate dildos. But denim makes it special ! The denim has like a pre-whased denim texture and lined with very soft cotton. The more you use it, the better it fits you.

It will accommodate all dildos of Fun Factory and any kind of dildos with bases of more than 45mm in diameter. Among Love Piece Club dildos, BS, Fuze and Realistic Cyber Skin dildos fit in well.

Hand wash in water/tepid water (below 30℃) or machine-wash cold. No tumbling. Love Piece Club members put the harness into a laundry bag. Please separate from other clothes especially white clothes.

This nickel-free products is best choice for those who have an nickel allergy.
100 Cotton and Vigan. People and Eco-friendly!

Using the ideas

After adjusting your belt size, we recommend to cut excess off.
(Love Piece Club staff)

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FAQ about products

Q How to wear the harness? A Harnesses are the device used to attach a dildo to one’s body. With a harness and a dildo, you can enjoy hands-free dildo sex.
1: Get your dildo in place before put your harness on.
2. Put your harness on and position the dildo base fit where your clitoris is.
3. Adjust the size and pull the waist and back belt of your harness tighter.
For supporting more steady harness sex, the waist belt should be below your hipbones.

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