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Cute bumpy dildos from BS! BS is a sex toy company based in Spain and creates a lot of excellent dildos.  Agatha has a bumpy semi-realistic shape. Same size as 3-4 fingers and easy-to-use. Cute lig



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Workable length:155mm
Average diameter:30mm
Grith of the tip:5mm
Made in Spain

販売価格:¥13,530 (tax included)
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The Basic Dildos have a special curved form intented for the stimulation of the G-spot if you like vaginal penetration, or the P-spot if you prefer anal penetration. The bases are wide enough for use in our harnesses for hands-free penetration of your partner, and also wide enough for safe anal penetration. The Basic Dildos are also small enough to be held comfortably in the hand, while sliding over your erogenous zones. Alternatively you can do this on your partner whilst watching how they experience the pleasure.

Agatha is a slim and small sized dildo. Like other BS dildos, Agatha has a nice springy texture that you can easily bend the dildo with your one hand. Soft yet works perfectly when you put it in. This smooth and soft touch is different from icy cold and hard dildos.

The dildos have a gentle curved form intented for the stimulation of the G-spot and P-spot both. You can enjoy tightening and widening the dildo with your vagina, or moving it in and out, or turning it around...etc. Perfect toys for dildo beginners or the first harness sex. Comparing with other BS dildos, Agatha has 2cm longer insertable part and a little bit slimmer body than the other BS dildos such as Quin and Brittony.

Bases are only 5mm thin and fit easily with the body. This thinned bases are very soft just like insertable part. With Agatha, you can enjoy fit feeling.

The tip of the dildos have a semi-realistic figure. With it, you can feel nice inside! Besides its bumpy figure, the kidney-shaped impression at the dildo pushes your downstairs zone and bring you a pleasure. Realistic figure yet very cute with light pastel and rainbow colors.

BS is a sex toy company in Spain and run exclusively by women. BS toys are designed by Sabela Dopazo and Beatriz Higón, both are sculptors who used to create art works. All BS toys are handpoured and they produce a limited number of dildos.

Agatha is made of the highest grade of silicone and you can enjoy without condoms. Free from latex or chemical smell. For more enjoyable sex and for solo pleasure!

Using the ideas

BS dildos have a nice spring texture. If you are looking for a soft dildo, this is one of the best !!

Six-colors rainbow, well known as symbol of LGBT’s rights.
Do you know the each color has a meaning ?

Yellow=The Sun
Purple=mind and spirit

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FAQ about products

Q Which harness fit well with Agatha? A The dildos bases are 40mm in diameter. Any kinds of harnesses at Love Piece Club are available. (including O-ring harnesses)
Q Should I use condoms? A This hand made dildos are made of the highest grade of silicone. You don’t need to worry about endocrine disturbing chemicals and can use without condoms. If you use a condom, please note that small sized condoms maybe slip from it. Also you can enjoy more smooth texture with water-based rube together. Don’t forget to wash it after using for anal play. Please use a condom when you use alternately with your partner..
Q Should I use lube? A We recommend to use water-based lube. Be careful that silicone lubricant and oil may harm the toy.

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