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FunFactory Dildo Magnum Pink
Slender form. It is made of the highest grade silicone and has a heavy but smooth surface that can be used with lotion. The form is close to realistic but not grotesque, and the look is clean.


FunFactory Dildo Magnum Pink

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●Size:Length184mm/Diameter(Max) 38mm
●Material:Medical Grade Silicone
●Relatively Soft
●Made in Germany ※Great with strap-ons
*Harness compatible dildos

販売価格:¥10,120 (tax included)
Sold Out:Next arrival is 2024/04/25

Item Number: 02030018

Points obtained: 460 LPC Points

A simple but noble dildo with a clean look.
At 38mm in thickness, it is neither thick nor thin. However, there is a length to it. It's a slender length that seems to reach deep inside. There is no unevenness on the surface at all, and it is so smooth that it slips in when you apply a lotion or something like that. It is as close as possible to the realistic form of the male genitalia, but it still looks beautiful, as only a German manufacturer of material design can do. This is a German manufacturer's idea.
The material is of course made of the highest level of premium silicone, which is safe for the body. Naturally, it doesn't smell like rubber or anything scientific at all. It can be used as is without condoms.
The bottom is also solid, so you can use it with any harness.

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