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Soft tampon Classic
Sanitary item options that give you more freedom during menstruation! Safe and secure with medical-grade sponges. Recommended for those who want to enjoy sex and water leisure even on your period.

Soft tampon Classic

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●Quantity: 1 piece sold separately or 8 pieces per set
●Made in Netherlands
●Size: 58mm x 50mm, thickness 20mm.
*No contraceptive effect.
*Maximum use time: 8 hours.
*This is a one time disposable product. Cannot be used repeatedly.

販売価格:¥275〜1,980 (tax included)
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Item Number: 03090352〜03090353

Points obtained: 12〜90 LPC Points

A soft tampon made of soft medical sponge with no strings attached. The tampon is inserted into the back of the vagina with a finger, and is used to block the vaginal opening.
Thanks to the soft and supple material, it fits perfectly inside the vagina, reducing the risk of leakage.
To remove the tampon, grasp the tampon with two fingers or by grasping the removal loop -the notch in the center of the sponge.
Replace the tampon with a new one after about 4 hours but depending on the amount of tampons used that day. Maximum usage time is 8 hours.

Since there are no strings attached, it is ideal for those who want to enjoy sex during menstruation.
There is no leakage of blood, and no blood will stick to the fingers or penis that are placed inside.
In addition, penis was completely unaware that you had a tampon in it.
This revolutionary tampon will change the way you think about sex during menstruation.
With no annoying strings, you have more freedom to enjoy leisure activities such as swimming, sauna, sports, etc. during your period.
Since menstrual blood does not come into contact with the air, it is difficult for odor to be generated, which is also great for reducing the depression of unpleasantness and odor.
Trans man save you the hassle of changing sanitary napkins and allow you to go through menstruation without worrying about tampon straps or other odors coming out.

Some people may experience discomfort or pain when inserting a soft tampon on days when the amount of blood loss is low.
This is because of the friction that occurs inside the vagina. If this happens, you can use a soft tampon with a lotion that is safe to enter the vagina to help it slide.
We LPC recommends using it with YES Intimate Water Lotion WB, a British organic lotion brand.
96% of the ingredients are certified organic water-based lotions that gently cover and protect the skin and lubricate the vagina.

The 8-piece set is less expensive, but for those who want to try it out, it is also sold in bulk starting from 1 piece.
A revolutionary soft tampon classic that gives you more freedom during menstruation. You can spend your blue days more comfortably now!

*You can purchase a single unit for trial use.
*No contraceptive effect.
*Maximum use time: 8 hours
*This is a one-time disposable product. Cannot be used repeatedly.

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