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【RianneS】 Lovely Leopard Mini Wand Pink
RianneS is a toy brand designed by a feminist designer and is the smallest in our store. You can have fun anytime, anywhere!


【RianneS】 Lovely Leopard Mini Wand Pink

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●Material: silicone
●Size: 120mm in length Diameter 35mm
●Weight: 70g
●Sound: ★★☆☆☆
●Charging method: USB charging
●Charging time: 2 hours for a full charge
●2 hours of continuous use
●Vibration patterns: 10 types
●Waterproof: life waterproof
●Manufacturer: RianneS(The Netherlands)
●MADE IN China

販売価格:¥8,580 (tax included)
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RianneS is a sex toy brand by a female designer from the Netherlands who thinks about women's happiness first and foremost.
It is a trusted brand that not only pays attention to design and function, but also to operability, packaging, safety, and every detail.

”I grew up with a feminist mother and wanted to do something neat for women.”
Rianne (the brand is named after the designer herself).
We launched our brand in 2010 with the goal of making beautiful, safe and secure sex toys from a woman's perspective.
Passionate about women's sexual wellness, RianneS comes in a cute mini size with a pouch.
The compact size of the toy makes it easy to handle in the hands of small women, but it's also convenient to carry around.

RianneS has had the Classic Vibrator series with a pouch before, but this one is battery-powered, while this one is USB rechargeable, making it much easier to use.
The number of vibe patterns has increased from 7 to 10, so you'll be able to have more fun and play more.

The overall length is 120mm, a compact size smaller than a smartphone.
As you can see in the picture, it fits in the palm of your hand.
It's easy to hold even when you're doing your nails.
As you can see, the body is small, but the power is solid.
The strong vibration, which you can't believe is coming from a small motor, is fast and numbing ... fine and powerful!
It's not as powerful as an ordinary size electric ball, but it's strong enough for a toy.
Rather, many women feel that a normal electric massage machine is too powerful and painful, or too stimulating to enjoy the aftertaste.
Pleasure isn't necessarily directly related to power or intensity, is it?
Lovely Mini Wand is designed from a woman's point of view to create a gentle stimulation that is strong but not painful, so you can enjoy it without damaging your skin.

There are 10 vibration patterns in total.
In addition to a wide variety of 10 patterns at this small size, you can enjoy a stable output in any vibration pattern.
I need more and more stimulation, but I don't want a big electric dick! But I don't want a big electric massage machine! If you are so greedy, this is the place for you!

The head is also very particular.
The head is a small sphere with a diameter of about 30mm. The good thing about the round head is that you can't choose where to hit it.
It has the same contact with the side and the tip, so it can be used for various positions and handles.
The soft and sticky silicone feels good on the skin, and the shape-shaped part at the base of the head does not have a core, so you can fine-tune it to your preferred angle when you apply it.
When you want to cum, you can press hard and it's the perfect way to explore your "feel good".
In fact, it is very important to explore this "feel good". To know what part of your body feels like is to know yourself. It's also communication with your body, and it's the foundation of communication when you have sex with a partner.

And one more thing. Note the Fibonacci sequence-like embossing on the head!
Not only is it beautiful as a decoration, but this unevenness is designed to ensure that the lotion bites off well.
I recommend using it with Toy & Lotion to protect your skin and to make it feel even better.
When you put lotion on a toy, it tends to drip and stain the sheets if you're not careful, but this reduces the worry of dripping.

This edgy leopard print pouch can be used as a toy storage as well as a cosmetic pouch.
It is also convenient for storage, and convenient for carrying.

It is water resistant to life and can be used during bath time, so it can be used in a wide range of situations.

When you want to use it, where you want to use it. Enjoy it as a familiar toy!

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