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Original pin badge from NEW YORK TOY COLLECTIVE, a toy company founded by the parties involved. The center is a moving dial that allows you to express your pronoun from "SHE", "HE", and "THEY".


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●Material: enamel
●Size: 63.5mm

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NEW YORK TOY COLLECTIVE is a toy company established in 2012 and created by the people involved in LGBTQ+ community.
high-quality silicone dildos, which pursue realistic textures, have
been a strong favorite at Love Piece Club as dildos that can be used not
only for play but also in everyday life.

NYTC has now released a
new pin badge that allows you to choose the pronoun you want to show to
the world from a selection of three pronouns.
In recent years, an
increasing number of people overseas have been writing their own
pronouns on their social networking profiles and in their signatures of
emails they use at work.
This expression is spreading from the idea
that one's self-identified gender and the gender one's partner
self-identifies with are not something that can be speculated on based
on appearance and other factors, but rather to respect how the person
wants to be treated.
By writing down the pronouncements you identify
with/want to be recognized by others, you can avoid being mistakenly
treated with the wrong gender. This will help prevent people from being
treated in the wrong gender.
It also sends the message that "gender
is not something to assume on its own," so even cisgender people
expressing their own pronoun also expresses their message as an

What makes NYTC's Pronoun Batch so great, not only in
design but also in expression, is that the center crystal portion is a
moving dial that allows the user to choose from three pronouns: "SHE,"
"HE," or "THEY". This makes it possible to express gender gradations
that cannot be divided only by "SHE," "HE," and "THEY".
It is easy to
choose a pronoun that fits you best, such as dialing between "SHE" and
"THEY" or "HE" and "SHE," and it is also possible to express the
fluidity of gender that can change with the passage of time.

The NYTC original batch was created in collaboration with a local NY artist. It is about 6 cm in size and has a great presence!
How about attaching it to your bag or jacket? It is also recommended as a gift!

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