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The intuitively operated UFO toy that vibrates when the disk is pushed in. It vibrates in conjunction with the force of the fingertips, and can be operated simply and sensitively.



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●Material: Silicon
●Size: total length 80mm
●Weight: 100g
●Sound: Small ★☆☆☆ Large
●Charging method: USB charging
●Up to 2 hours of continuous use
●Vibration patterns: 1 types
●Vibration intensity: Stepless adjustment
●Waterproof: Completely waterproof
●Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
●Made in China

販売価格:¥14,300 (tax included)
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Item Number: 04110033

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Stylish, pop, and supremely cool!

Unbound, a Femtech brand for women started by feminists in New York City, has delivered a toy!Unbound is a brand that started out in a small apartment in New York and has been gaining a lot of attention among American women in recent years.
Originally, this brand was an EC shop that carefully selected sexual goods from around the world, like LPC.
CEO Polly Rodriguez started Unbound because of her own experiences. She tried to buy Toy for herself, who was unable to being pregnant as a result of cancer treatments, and many of the products sold in so-called "sex shops" are grotesque and disgusting from a male perspective.
She started Unbound in 2014, after boiling down to the fact that there are so few sexual goods and shops for women and non-binary people.

This time, Unbound has just launched the brand's original toy series.
There are five types of products in total, each of which is unique and original because the brand has been listening to the real voices of women for many years and has been connoisseur of high taste sexual goods.
There are five types of products in total, each of which is unique and original because the brand has been listening to the real voices of women for many years and has been connoisseur of high taste sexual goods.

SAUCY is a high-tech toy with the latest features.
The triangle-shaped toy box is filled with fun and funny illustrations of UFOs that emit beams of light!
When you open the box, you'll find a saucer-shaped UFO toy in the middle of the box!
Toy is fun and exciting even when you're an adult!
The concept of the brand Unbound, which has been carried out with a design and policy that makes you feel that way, is truly impressive.

Not only does it look good, but it's fun and intuitive to use! The game is packed with gimmicks.
The first thing you notice when you pick up the SAUCY is that the top and bottom spheres feel different from the rest of the spheres, and they are very soft.
It has the feel of a ball or rubber ball.
In fact, this spherical part is the key to the SAUCY's operability.
When you turn on the power, push the sphere like squeezing it, and SAUCY will vibrate with a bang in response to the force pushed in. It vibrates in response to the force pushed in.

When you push it hard, the vibration will be stronger. And when you release the force, the vibration will be weakened.
It responds well to even the slightest difference in force between the fingertips, like the feeling of stepping on the accelerator of car.
Get into the UFO and go out...! It's like that.

The feeling when you push it in is also puffy! It feels so good!
There are many toys that seek the feel of the skin when you hit the toy, but with SAUCY, you can also enjoy the feel of the fingertips on the operator's side.
Therefore, the side holding the toy can enjoy the feeling, not only when enjoying the selfie, but also when using it as a couple.
Also, don't you feel like you've come to your senses or cooled down just for a moment when you're getting into the swing of things? Click and click... the actions to strengthen the vibration by pressing the button...
When you want to have an orgasm, you will not miss out on the heat of play with a toy that can be controlled intuitively like SAUCY.
When your mood and concentration are heightened and you are just a little bit more..., when you unintentionally put your power into it, the vibration naturally becomes stronger.
The controls are very close to play.
If you want the vibration to continue without pushing the sphere, one click of the power button in the desired vibration intensity state will fix and maintain the vibration at that point in time.

You can also enjoy changing the way you feel the vibration depending on where you hit it, such as using the side or the surface.
LPC staff recommends putting SAUCY on the sphere so that it touches a comfortable place and pushing it firmly in from the top.

You can relax and feel the plumpness of the sphere on your skin.

The vibration is firm with a low-pitched sound that echoes in the belly, but the silent design allows you to use powerful vibrations without worry.
A UFO-shaped toy packed with a playful adult spirit.
Launch into the universe of orgasm!

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