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[Womanizer] Silicone Cap for Womanizer Ssize
This is a essential item for Womanizer users! This is a set of 3 silicon caps for the suction part.


[Womanizer] Silicone Cap for Womanizer Ssize

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●Quantity:3 silicone caps
●Supported Products:Womanizer Premium, Womanizer Liberty

販売価格:¥2,400 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090952

Points obtained: 109 LPC Points

The world's first suction type vibrator「Womanizer」
Since its launch in 2015 its solid functionality is attracting more and more users
People who have used the Womanizer once have said [It's a completely different feeling from the rotors I've had before!][I always think, "I can't wait to go home to use my womanizer! I'm always thinking, "I want to go home early!]I've had reviews about it.
Once you use it a womanizer you'll want to use over and over again such a Womanizer for the lover of the suction part silicone cap sold separately
Of course, the silicone cap is removable and washable, so you can use one for hygiene, but you can also use one
By having more than one, you can share the womenizer with your partner, change the silicone cap depending on the part of your body... you can use it in many ways
I want to use it for a long time luxury toy Womanizer user this is a required item!
※This product can be used with Womanizer Premium and Womanizer Liberty.The Womanizer DUO, WomanizerPRO40, Womanizer2, Womanizer Starlet, Womanizer Inside Out, Womanizer2GO and cannot be used .
※This is the regular size cap of Womanizer. It is not a large size.

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