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BS G Sport Rainbow Dildo
Rainbow Colour Dildo!


BS G Sport Rainbow Dildo

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●Workable length:130mm
●Average diameter:30mm
●Grith of the tip:75mm
●Girth of the shaft:120mm
●Made in Spain

販売価格:¥8,800 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090046

Points obtained: 400 LPC Points

The Basic Dildos have a special curved form intented for the stimulation of the G-spot if you like vaginal penetration, or the P-spot if you prefer anal penetration. The bases are wide enough for use in our harnesses for hands-free penetration of your partner, and also wide enough for safe anal penetration. The Basic Dildos are also small enough to be held comfortably in the hand, while sliding over your erogenous zones. Alternatively you can do this on your partner whilst watching how they experience the pleasure.

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FAQ about products

Q Which harness should I use? A It has a root diameter of 40mm and can be used with any harness sold by the Love Peace Club. (including interchangeable rings).
Q Do I need a condom? A These dildos are made by hand, one by one, with a level of silicone that is safe for the body. There is no need to consider the effects of environmental hormones, etc., and it can be used without the use of condoms. It is also comfortable to the touch, so please use a water-soluble lotion or the like as is. Also, since it is made in a narrow shape, a normal size condom may fall out. However, if you use it on the anus, please do not put it in the vagina without washing it. If two people take turns using the condoms, please discuss it with one of them.
Q Do you need lotion? A We recommend using a water soluble lotion! Silicone lotions and oils can damage the material, so please be careful.

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