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RianneS Playballs Multi Color Nude
Beautiful Design, ideal size and easy-to-use. This is the perfect kegel training balls!


RianneS Playballs Multi Color Nude

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●Insertable Lenght:75mm(挿入部分)
●Material:Premium Silicone
●With toy bag

販売価格:¥5,500 (tax included)
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Beautiful Design, ideal size and easy-to-use. This is the perfect kegel training balls! The RianneS Playballs set comes with balls in four different weights, which can easily be switched in the silicone holder. Packaged in a beautiful original cosmetic bag.

Love Piece Club are always trying to find the intimate products which is safe to the body and also make woman feel happy and positive. Sex toys of RiannesS are exactly designed for today’s woman. Positive and fashionable!! They meet the needs of every woman. They can be used for solo pleasure, spicing up your relationship or you can bring along on trips. We’re sure that RianneS sexual accessories will empower and inspire your sexual life.

RianneS, the luxury sexual lifestyle brand founded by Rianne Swierstra, a designer from the Netherlands. In 2003, she started to research on the adult toy market and to study female sexuality and sex behavior. Based on this research, she launched her brand RianneS in 2010. Rianne calls her products “sexual accessories” and creating beautiful and sensual products for today’s woman.

The Playballs Multi Color is a new product from the brand. Love Piece Club introduces this new product for the first time in Japan. When the Playballs set arrived, that brought an excitement to our office. Because it was so cute then we imagined.

First, this lovely toy comes in a luxury lockable cosmetic bag with a cute little gold finish heart padlock with a key to unlock it. With a padlock, you can store the training balls in a discreet and convenient way. And if you want to use the training balls outside for example when you on a trip or at work, you can easily and discretely take it on the road without garnering attention. The bag itself is beautiful and leaves plenty of room inside to carry some other cosmetics.

Next let’s look the the training balls. Beautiful design, ideal size and easy-to-use. This is the perfect balls set for kegel training.

Choosing the right sized kegel training ball is very important. If it’s too small, it doesn’t stay in the right position and if it’s too big, it’s also difficult to insert. RianneS Playballs are 35mm in diameter. It is not too big, not too small and ideal size not only for who are already using kegel balls but for beginners. We recommend using kegel balls about 3 to 4 hours a day for muscles training.

And all of that, this balls are functional as this set comes with balls in four different weights, which can easily be switched in the silicone holder. Each ball has different color and the darker, the heavier. Easy to distinguish when you pick up the wight you want.
“I’m not feeling very good today, so use the light one”
“I need to train my PV muscle with the heavy one for the next date in the next month.”
Like this, you can choose your favorite wight depends on your condition.

The holder, the chord and balls are all in medical grade silicon and have silky smooth feeling.
They are also very easy to keep clean. Just wash with warm water with mild soap or toy cleaner and you can easily remove lubricant.

It is Rianne’s mission to encourage women to explore their desires and sexuality to create a fulfilling sex life for themselves. We’re sure that the sensual accessories from RianneS will bring pleasure to your daily life. This Playballs would make a perfect gift for your female friend too!

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FAQ about products

Q What happens when you work out your vagina?      A A woman's orgasm is a contraction of the PC muscle running through the vagina and the caudal vagina. When your muscles are tucked away, you will be able to feel that twitching sensation more deeply. In addition, I can feel that the waist area that was loosened for some reason will become tighter. Rather than becoming muscular, it's like being aware of your invisible inner muscles and rejuvenating your body from the inside out.
Q I don't know what PC muscle is.       A The PC muscle is the muscle you use when you consciously try to stop peeing. If you're not sure, try to consciously stop urinating when you urinate on the toilet. The place to focus your strength at that time is your PC muscle.
If you feel that the vagina balls fall out, try inserting your fingers and squeezing them up with the force of your vagina. I think that's when your fingers will feel like they're being sucked in. Find out where your vaginal muscles are located to find out which ones suck the most.
Q I don't know how long to use it or when to remove it.        A For the first week or so of use, start with about 30 minutes. When you get used to it, extend it from 1 to 2 hours to 4 to 5 hours...and so on. If you don't know when to take it off during the day's cycle, for example, it is recommended that you take it off when you go to the bathroom.
Q Can I use lotion with you? A Yes. Be sure to use a lotion to help with ball penetration and protect your vagina.

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