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kGoal Classic
This is the most advanced pelvic floor muscle training product that makes it easy to understand the sensation of "tightening" through visual and vibration.


kGoal Classic

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●Material:Medical silicone
Total length: 90mm (body part only)
Φ: 38.1mm (at maximum inflation)
●Battery Type: USB recharge
●Charging Time: 1.5 hours for full charge
●Operating time: 2 hours
●Waterproof:Waterproof for daily use
●Manufacturer: kGoal (USA)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥31,900 (tax included)
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"Pelvic floor muscle training" is a hot topic now. This is a training method to improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles.
The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that run from the pubic bone to the tailbone. These muscles support the uterus, intestines, and other internal organs like a hammock and play an important role in various aspects of a healthy life.
The pelvic floor muscles have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the lower body area, including problems with urine leakage, pelvic floor muscle health before and after pregnancy, sports athletes who want to strengthen their muscles from the core, healthy shaping of the lower body, and orgasms sensitivity.

For pelvic floor muscle health. Love Peace Club recommends pelvic floor muscle training for yourself.

kGoal is a brand created with the hope that by spreading the importance of pelvic floor muscle training, all people can prevent problems caused by loose pelvic floor muscles on their own and lead a free and rich life.
The brand focuses on the health problems that occur when men's pelvic floor muscles become loose as well as women's, and the main feature of the brand is that it sells non-gender pelvic floor muscle training products that can be used by all genders. The products are currently sold in more than 25 countries around the world.

Many people who have tried pelvic floor muscle training often fail to complete their workouts because they find the training boring, do not know if they are training correctly, or are not sure if they are making progress. kGoal Classic was developed to solve these problems.
The kGoal Classic features a soft, flexible, balloon-shaped pillow that can be adjusted to your size by adding/removing air, and the "tightening sensation" is easy to feel as if you are squeezing a balloon.
In addition, the main unit vibrates in response to the force with which it is tightened, so the level of vaginal pressure can also be felt through the strength of the vibration.
At the same time, the app screen also reacts in response to vaginal pressure, so you can get a sense of the sensation of tightening through vibration and visual feedback. The most important thing for pelvic floor muscle training is to get a firm grasp of the sensation of tightness, and this is the shortest route to improvement.
For this reason, kGoal Classic specializes above all in enabling users to grasp the "sensation of tightening". If you have not been able to get a sense of tightening with other goods or training, we highly recommend this product.

The training menu with a high game element using the app is suitable for beginners who are just starting to train, as well as for experienced trainers who want to improve their level of training. It is suitable for all ages and levels.
The app is currently not available in Japanese, but will be in the future. We have prepared a Japanese-language manual for detailed settings, usage, and training methods.

【kGoal Classic Feature 1: Enjoy training like a game!】
The training that is undertaken by linking the application with the smartphone is like playing a game and makes training enjoyable.
In addition to the four menus, you can create your own training menu.
Enjoy and get involved with your body through game-based training.

<Four training menus>
A game in which you hit back a moving ball on the screen to make the blocks disappear.
It is important to watch the timing of the ball and quickly tighten/loosen the vagina. This game is ideal for practicing quick vaginal tightening.
This can also be used to easily measure vaginal pressure in the first training session recommended for users who have started using kGoal.
The user "tightens" and "loosens" the vagina in accordance with the app's instructions and the movement of the up and down line.
The user can train the endurance to keep tightening for a long time, the speed to tighten quickly, and the control to adjust the degree of force in a well-balanced manner.
This is a game in which you tighten/loosen your vagina according to the timing of the shapes that flow from the bottom to the top of the application screen.
Depending on the type of the shapes, the game uses various abilities such as strong vaginal pressure, endurance, and control.
This is a workout based on the pinball game. When you tighten your vagina, the flippers at the bottom of the screen work together.
The flippers move quickly in time with the timing of the ball to develop speed.

【kGoal Classic Feature 2: Visual and Vibration Confirmation of Correct Training!】
Unlike muscles in the arms and legs that are visible from the outside, the pelvic floor muscles, which lie deep within the body and cannot be seen from the outside, are difficult to see if you are moving them correctly.
Tightening the pelvic floor muscles is the basis of training, but it is surprisingly difficult to get the hang of it if you rely only on your senses.
With kGoal Classic, the app reacts to even the slightest vaginal force, so you can visually check if you are training correctly.

In addition, the kGoal vibrates in response to vaginal movements, so it is easy to feel how tight your vagina is. There are other training products that vibrate in response to vaginal pressure, but most of them have only one motor. In contrast, the kGoal Classic has two independent motors, one for the pillow and one for the arm. Because the motors are of high quality and have high response accuracy, it feels as if the vaginal movement and vibration are completely integrated and linked together: weak vibration when tightened weakly, strong vibration when tightened strongly, gradually stronger vibration when tightened gradually, and gradually weaker vibration when gradually weakened.
The kGoal Classic responds to where and how you tighten it. It supports your training in a way that is easy to understand while you feel it.

【kGoal Classicl Feature 3: "Visualization" of vaginal pressure. Check your progress numerically.】
There are many pelvic floor muscle training goods, but only kGoal is equipped with a sensor that detects air pressure.
Vaginal pressure changes with even the slightest posture, angle, or position of insertion. This makes it very difficult to get an accurate measurement in any condition.
As the saying goes, "If you squeeze a balloon, no matter where you squeeze, the pressure inside will be higher."
Using this principle, kGoal has developed a high-performance sensor that detects even the slightest change in vaginal pressure. This enables accurate measurements in any posture or position. It is motivating to be able to properly quantify one's level.
In addition, the app automatically records vaginal pressure, endurance, and control from your training results, so you can monitor your training progress.
It can also be used as a guide to strengthen abilities that you are not good at in your next training session.

kGoal Classic" is a pelvic floor muscle training product for women that was created through crowdfunding.
It is the cutting edge of pelvic floor muscle training goods, using the latest devices and apps to train pelvic floor muscles.

【About kGoal.】
kGoal is a wellness brand created in the United States in 2014 to support the health of everyone's pelvic floor muscles.
It was created by professionals in various fields including doctors and engineers.
Experts in women's and men's pelvic floor muscle health, including a urologist who is also a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, and a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor muscles.
Product designers and engineers with deep backgrounds in health and exercise product development, from Stanford University to brands such as Adidas and Samsung.
Based on the knowledge of these experts, kGoal's first product, kGoal Classic, was released on Kickstarter in the US and has raised over 2,200 backers and 36 million yen.
The pelvic floor muscles are a very important part of the body that greatly affects quality of life. However, it is also true that this topic is taboo and still receives little attention.kGoal's mission is to change that.
Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles has the potential to bring amazing benefits to many people's lives.
kGoal is committed to changing perceptions through its products so that everyone can prevent health problems caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles on their own.

【From Brian Krieger, founding team member of kGoal】
As an engineer, I have over a decade of experience developing wellness products that make people's health a reality.
Pelvic floor muscles have a tremendous impact on the quality of life for women and men. Our mission is to create simple, easy-to-use products to help everyone achieve consistent pelvic floor muscle exercises and optimal pelvic health.

Click here to download the latest version of the instruction manual. (File Format: PDF/You will be redirected to an external site.)

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