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PUISSANTE Gel intime 
Contains lily extract, 99.6% derived from natural ingredients.The thick texture of this lotion makes it easy to glide on and protects the skin well. Recommended for use with toys!


PUISSANTE Gel intime 

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●Ingredients: Water, PG, Propanediol, Alpha-glucan Oligosaccharide, Tochaca,Gum arabic, xanthan gum,Mandonary flower extract (lily extract)
●Volume: 50ml
●Manufacturer:PUISSANTE (France)
●Country of origin:France

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”Masturbation is an important practice for getting to know yourself, for taking care of yourself, for loving yourself. Take time to feel well and confident in your body. Our goal at PUISSANTE is to eliminate the taboo of masturbation and to show people that masturbation is healthy, important and very enjoyable."
The femtech brand PUISSANTE was launched in France in 2021.
PUISSANTE means "powerful" in French. The brand name was inspired by the founder, Marie Comacle's words, "We are all perfect, now let's be Puissantes. "
We advocate the confident enjoyment of female sexual pleasure, which until now has been considered taboo.

New from PUISSANTE is ”PUISSANTE Intimate Gel”, a lotion that has been carefully designed to be used with toys.
This water-based lotion is 99.6% natural and contains lily extract.
Lily extract softens, moisturizes, and protects the skin. It is fragrance-free, but has a gentle floral scent derived from the ingredients.

The nice thing about the water base is that it does not leave a sticky residue after use and can be used without rinsing. It can also be used with toys made of all materials, including silicone, glass, and metal.
PUISSANTE Intimate Gel has a moderately viscous texture and is slippery enough to be spread on a small amount in the hand. It does not dry out, makes surfaces slippery, and protects the skin well.
Yet, it does not have an unpleasant stickiness. After use, simply wipe it off to refresh the skin.
Although it is water-based, this lotion made by PUISSANTE, which is also a toy manufacturer, is so viscous and stringy that it does not drip easily when applied to toys and is easy to get entangled in.
This is the brand that produces "PUISSANTE coco", the most advanced "C shape toy" (a toy that combines an insertion toy and a suction toy), so it is not only a lubricant for insertion, but it also enhances the pleasure when used with a suction toy! With just one bottle of this lubricant, both insertion and suction toys will feel much, much better.

The slim bottle has a cute and sophisticated design that could be displayed in a room as interior decoration.
The push-button design makes it easy to dispense only the necessary amount when using the bottle.

PUISSANTE, which values the pleasure and sexual health of all women, is consistent in its commitment to sex education and support for the eradication of sexual violence against women.
For every product sold, PUISSANTE donates 1 euro to Orchidées Rouge (an organization that opposes female genital mutilation), whose slogan is "We want to give every woman the freedom to control her own body and choose the life she wants. The Female Genital Mutilation
Female genital mutilation affects more than 200 million women worldwide, 500,000 in Europe, and 125,000 in France.
Orchidées Rouge is an organization that campaigns for the eradication of female genital mutilation, early and forced marriage, and all forms of violence against women and girls, as well as for the economic emancipation of women, and PUISSANTE fully supports its work.
The Love Peace Club also supports the initiative to expand women's solidarity through Toys, whereby protecting one's own pleasure and body is connected to protecting the bodies and sexual health of other women.

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