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Waterproof sheets
When you want to play with a lot of lotion in the house, it is very convenient to have a waterproof sheet. Also, when you want to have fun without thinking about making the bed dirty.

Waterproof sheets

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●Size: 180 cm (length) and 90 cm (width)
●Upper part: Nonwoven fabric, antibacterial and highly absorbent polymer, lower part: polyethylene
●Made in China

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We have received many comments from customers who usually have adult sex in bed, but want to have slippery sex with plenty of lotion.

Sex with lotion feels good on the body and the mind. However, I'm worried about getting my sheets and futon dirty...
You don't have to worry about getting your sheets dirty because all the lotions from LPC are gentle on the skin and moisturizing enough that you don't have to rinse them off. However, when you dare to enjoy rolling in the slippery slippery slippery, as if you were pouring it on the sheets...
But if you dare to let it fall on the sheets, or if you dare to enjoy it as if it's smooth and slippery... this sheet is recommended for you!

You can find them in drugstores, but they're too small or too many in one pack. There is no such product as this one.
However, the amazing thing about the products we are selling at LovePi is that they are...

1, the size is large
It is the same size as a normal single size, 180cm long and 120cm wide.
 You can play without worrying about getting dirty because it hides the futon completely.
2, completely waterproof
The surface is made of non-woven fabric to catch dripping lotion.
Underneath the nonwoven fabric is an antibacterial and highly absorbent polymer that will not revert. The part that comes underneath is made of polyethylene, so it won't leak.

3, Sell one sheet at a time
A cheaper pack will make you think about where to leave it.
You don't want to think about the excuses when your family finds out it... but since they are sold one at a time, you can put them away without getting in the way.

If you have one of these sheets, you will be able to enjoy any kind of play to the fullest! It's a great way to enjoy any kind of play.

And a little secret technique♡
If you use this sheet properly, it's a waterproof sheet, but if you reverse the front and back of the sheet and put lotion on it and play... your body will be slippery on the sheet and it will feel super good!
You can enjoy the "lotion play" exactly! However, since the back material is polyethylene, it doesn't absorb water.
Slither and slither forever...and enjoy rolling on the sheets!

Precautions for use
*This is for people. Do not use it for any other purpose.
*This product is disposable, so it cannot be washed.
*Please do not use electric anchor etc. in combination. The high temperature may cause the surface material to melt.
*Do not cut it with scissors, etc. The contents will be scattered.
*Do not flush the sheets down the flush toilet, etc. There is a risk of clogging the water pipes.
*After use, dispose of the product as burnable waste. (Processing methods may differ from municipality to municipality. For details, please contact your local government.)
*Due to the use of elastic material, the actual dimensions may differ slightly from those shown.

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