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The latest work of LELO "SORAYA". You can easily find the G-spot and enjoy the pleasure.



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●Material: body-safe silicone, ABS
●Size: 218mm in total length
Insertion area: 110 mm in length
●Weight of the unit: 185 g
●Charging Method:USB
●Charging time: 2 hours for a full charge
●Continuous operating time:2 hours maximum
●Vibration patterns:8 types
●Waterproof: completely waterproof
●Manufacturer's Warranty:1 year
●Manufacturer:LELO (Sweden)
●Country of manufacture:China

販売価格:¥41,800 (tax included)
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Item Number: 4984

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We've added new functions to the SORAYA series, the high-end dual vibrators that have been a firm favorite at LOVE PIECE CLUB, and now we have a new version!

The SORAYA series of high-end vibrators has sold over 2,000 units in LOVE PIECE CLUB alone since its release in 2011.
The first generation SORAYA has received many glowing reviews from enthusiastic fans who have been captivated by the charm of this toy.
The vibrations that we have never experienced before, the vibrations that exceed our imagination, are something that even fans can't help but talk about! This is the most popular rabbit vibe at LPC.

【What is the difference between SORAYA 2 and SORAYA WAVE?】
SORAYA WAVE added the "Wave motion (patented)" function to which the tip part lifts up and down like a fingertip.
This is the gesture that a forefinger and a middle finger are put together, and the vicinity of the G spot (belly side) is pushed in.
However, SORAYA's delicate vibrations are added to it.
The up and down motion moves at a constant speed. The strength of the vibration can be adjusted with the up and down lifting movement.
The vagina wall is gently pushed while vibrating so that it may run around smoothly, and the G-spot is easily found and led to the pleasure.

【Features of SORAYA WAVE】
1. Wave Motion Technology
The SORAYA WAVE is inspired by the caressing of your partner's fingers.
The unique up and down motion of the SORAYA Wave makes it easy to find your G-spot and bring you to a pleasant sensation with its rippling motion, which is not possible with ordinary massagers.

2.The clitoris is also stimulated precisely based on the ergonomics.
The base of the clitoral vibrator is very soft and fully flexible.
The position of the clitoris varies from person to person, but it is designed to fit any person.
Also, the clitoral vibe is longer, which removes the frustration of not hitting the clitoris properly when you insert it, which tends to happen with rabbit vibes.

3. extra soft silicone
Smooth premium silicone, very soft to the touch. It is easy to clean, safe and hygienic to use.

4. Luxury design with ring-shaped handle for easy holding.
In Sweden, it is a toy that many women dream of owning a LELO someday.
The beauty of the toy is immediately recognizable as a high quality toy.
Whether you keep it in your room, use it, or own it, it is a sparkle that gives you confidence.

The stimulation and vibration that you can feel inside. If you've never felt the inside of a toy before, give it a try!

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