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Developed for lesbian couples, this is a two-headed vibe for women, by women. Just put it on and you're good to go! Let's make her and I feel good together on the couple toy.



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●Material: Medical Grade Silicone
●Size: Overall length: 360mm
●Maximum diameter: 44mm
●Weight: 381g
●Sound: Small ★★★☆☆ Large
●Charging method: USB rechargeable
●Vibe pattern: 2 types
●Vibe strength:
Pattern 1: 3 levels
Pattern 2: Two steps
●Operating time: 1 hour continuous
●Charging time: approx. 2.5 hours
●Waterproof: waterproof
●Manufacturer:WET FOR HER(France)
●Country of production: China

販売価格:¥18,920 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01091009

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Wet For Her is a brand founded in 2009 in France that specializes in toys for lesbian couples. The founder, Alice, is a woman.
In recent years, a growing number of couples have been disappointed by the fact that the only couples that have been able to find any kind of couples are women and men. They launched the brand with a single-minded determination.
Toy brands by women and for women. That perspective is thoroughly a lesbian perspective.

"I've always wanted something like this...!"
I couldn't help but groan at the thought that the shape of the vibrator itself can be changed! This is a breakthrough!

The two-headed vibe seems to be a little difficult for toy beginners.
Certainly, there has been a problem with the angle. The angle between the vagina and the toy does not fit perfectly in the normal position, but in the doggy position it is difficult to use it, and vice versa.It is only natural that the angle of insertion changes depending on the body position. I love the two-headed vibrator because it makes the two of us feel good together, but I want to enjoy sex in many different positions. The two-headed vibrator makes you feel good together, but you want to enjoy sex in different positions.

But thanks to the copper wire placed inside the vibe, it's a great way to make it squeak! Squeak! You can adjust the angle of the vibe to your liking by bending it by hand.
When I use it, I wonder why I haven't had this idea before. It's so easy to use that I wondered why I didn't have this idea before.
When you use it, put the short one (the thick egg-shaped one) in your vagina. Then, a vibrator grows out of my crotch, as if it were a part of my body from the beginning.
Since they are egg-shaped, they won't fall out even with a little movement. Please do not wear a harness and enjoy it as it is.
Plus, you don't have to force yourself to piston, it feels good just inserting it because it has a vibe function.
High quality medical silicone is also smooth and slippery to the touch. It is designed with the user in mind, to the fullest extent.

Among the two-headed vibes handled by Love Pi now, this product is the longest with 360mm from the tip of the longest slim one to the tip of egg-shaped, and the average diameter of the side (the longest slim one) to be inserted is 30mm, and it is smart.

There are two different vibe patterns. You can choose from three levels of intensity for the "buzzing" mode and two levels of intensity for the "buzzing" mode, which repeats the vibration and stop in small increments.
Because the vibe pattern is changed only by clicking the black power switch, operation is also easy! When you turn off the power, please press and hold the switch.

It's waterproof, so you can wash it in the sink after use, and it's easy to charge it with USB rechargeable battery.
Just the two of you, just the two of you, just the two of you.

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