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FemmeFit Pelvic Muscle Training Set 6 pc
FemmeFit is a vaginal training ball 6pcs set for women. Six different weight balls inside which is the widest range in our shop allow anyone including beginners to strengthen vaginal pelvic floor musc

FemmeFit Pelvic Muscle Training Set 6 pc

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●Material: Silicone
●Made In Chaina

販売価格:¥11,550 (tax included)
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Vaginal training set for women This vaginal training set will increase the pelvic floor muscles and can be used by beginners and more experienced users because of the different weights.All FemmeFit training balls are made of soft, body-safe and waterproof silicone with 10 cm long soft silicone straps. Designed to easy to remove and easy to clean. Start with the lightest colored weight and use a water lubricant if desired for more comfortable insertion. Specifications: - Strengthens vaginal pelvic floor muscles - tightens women’s vagina - Will help treat urinary incontinence - Speeds up vaginal recovery post-pregnancy - Will lead to more intense orgasms - Different weights balls inside (50g – 65g – 80g – 95g – 110g - 130g) - Soft and body-safe silicone - Waterproof & nonporous silicone for easy cleaning

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